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What Colour To Paint a Hallway With No Windows

So, you’ve decided it’s time to redecorate. You’ve got your colour schemes down and you’re ready to paint! But there’s this one spot in your home that you’re dreading thinking about – your windowless hallway. Sure, you don’t spend too much time there, but don’t you wish you could brighten it up just a little? You might be wondering what colour to paint a hallway with no windows. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

So, if you:

  • Are thinking of redecorating your home;
  • Live in a house with a windowless hallway;
  • Want to know what colour to paint a dark hallway,

Then keep on reading! This post is just for you.

The best paint colours for a dark hallway

When painting a hallway with no windows, you want to make it feel as bright as possible, so choose lighter colour palettes. Lighter shades of blue and green, greys and beiges or blushes work well. Consider using egg-shell or satin for some reflectivity on the walls and some glossy paint for your doors and baseboards if you have them.

Choosing the right paint colour and type can make or break your hallway’s look, so it’s important to know what works well together and what will give you the best results. Add some extra lights to brighten up the hallway and add some mirrors to increase the reflectivity.

So, want to know what colour to paint a hallway with no windows? Here are our top choices:

  • Light blue or green
    Soft, light shades of blue and green are one of the best choices for dark hallways. They can make an otherwise dull room feel brighter and more open. They’re proven to be calming to the mind, too. Think shades like powder blue and sage.
  • Light grey or beige
    For a neutral, more elegant look, a light, soft grey shade or a light beige tone is the way to go. Bright whites should be avoided in hallways with no natural light, as they can look dull and won’t actually make the room feel any brighter as there’s no light to reflect.
  • Blush or cream
    For a bright, cheerful look, opt for a warm blush or cream shade, depending on what fits your decor and furniture best.
  • Yellow
    If you want to go bolder, why not choose a sunny yellow tone? It will instantly brighten up the room and make it look more fun and lively.

When looking for dark hallway paint ideas, there are a couple of tricks you should keep in mind. Go for light coloured paint with white trim. This will make the room feel bigger, as well as brighter.

Go for eggshell, satin, or gloss when choosing paint finish. The more reflective your walls are, the better.

And, if you’re a fan of optical illusions, try this neat trick – paint the bottom part of the wall a deeper shade, then opt for a lighter version on the top. This will lighten up the room.

Finally, if you’ve never done this before, be sure to become more familiar with how to paint a room professionally. This post will help you avoid any amateur mistakes.

Need a hand painting your hallway?

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  • The best paint colours for a dark hallway are light blue or green, blush, cream, light beige and soft grey.
  • If you’re looking for a bright colour, opt for a sunny yellow.
  • Choose a reflective paint finish for hallways with no windows.
  • To make the hallway seem brighter, paint the base of the wall a deeper tone than the top.
  • Go for a light wall colour with white trim to make the room feel wider.

Now you know how to make your hallway look bigger and brighter. But what about the rest of your home? Find out how to make a small room look larger today!


Was this article useful to you? What are your favourite dark hallway paint colours? Let us know down in the comments!

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