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What Does a Lawn Care Service Include and How Much Does it Cost?

Curb appeal is important for every homeowner, and caring for your lawn is something that can make a difference.

If you’re not able to handle the lawn maintenance by yourself, well then, you should think about hiring a gardener.

But how much will a lawn care service cost you? What does the treatment include? Is it worth it? Some of the questions that are probably running through your mind.

Well, lawn care cost is determined not just by the particular services you need, but also by the labour intensity, the time that the job would take, the size of your lawn, as well as by the materials needed.

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So if you:

  • are about to hire a lawn care professional but don’t know what is included in the service;
  • want to know how much the lawn treatment will cost you;
  • wondering if hiring someone to take care of your lawn is the best decision.

Then, you’re at the right place and keep on reading, as you’ll find an answer for all that.

So how much does lawn treatment service cost?

If you’re about to hire a gardener to take care of your lawn, you might be wondering how much the average grass cutting price is in the UK. Well, the main factor that decides the final cost is the lawn size, namely how much grass needs to be mowed. Also, most of the lawn mowing prices in the UK are per hour, so the longer it takes the gardener to mow your lawn, the higher the cost will be. 

Our lawn care service is hourly based as well, so we charge £61 for the first hour of the lawn mowing service and £46 for every following hour between September and March. From April till September- our prices change to £68 for the first hour and £50 for the following ones. 

Since it is an hourly based service, we always send a team of two gardeners for better efficiency. 

Not only the garden size matters, of course. The grass cutting service cost also depends on many other factors that you should consider when budgeting the work. They can be:

  • The gardener’s experience;
  • The company’s insurance;
  • Whether you need additional lawn care services;
  • The difficulty of the job (overgrown lawn);
  • If the garden is residential or commercial.

Also, many lawn care companies and gardeners will lower their lawn cutting rates if you choose to have a long term relationship with them.

Besides lawn mowing, what else is included in a lawn care service?

A lawn care service is not just about grass cutting. On the contrary, it can be a multi-task service, which includes many other tasks that may affect your final lawn care cost. Let’s take a look at some common ones:

  • Weeding
  • Proper lawn service starts with thorough weed removal since unwanted plants in the grass hinder your lawn’s nutrient retention abilities. Weed control also improves the overall appearance of your lawn. There are two weeding methods – pulling them manually or using a weed killer, which is the more permanent solution. When deciding on which way to choose, you better consult your lawn care professionals. Your lawn treatment cost, of course, will depend on how many weeds you have and which method the gardener goes with, using a weed killer is the more expensive way, because you’re paying for the time that it takes to apply the product and the actual chemicals.

  • Overseeding
  • Overseeding is another crucial step you should take if you want to keep the long-term lushness and health of your lawn. It helps you remedy patchiness and bald spot issues in your lawn. The cost will depend on the lawn’s size. The bigger the area, the more time it’ll take and also more seeds.

  • Aerating
  • This service consists of perforating the lawn with small holes. That helps the soil’s ability to retain water and nutrients, which helps the root growth, making your lawn more vigorous. This service requires the use of special gardening tools (aerators), which may affect the price.

  • Feeding
  • Fertilizing your lawn is the best way not only to improve the growth and health of your grass but also to prevent pests and lawn diseases. Fertilizers contain all the necessary nutrients and minerals your grass needs to recover either from the hot summer season or the cold weather and snow. The cost depends on the quality of fertilizers and of course, as well as the garden size.

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Why should I hire a gardener to take care of my lawn?

You might be wondering whether to hire a gardener and if the lawn mowing prices are worth it. Well, not everyone would say that regular lawn care works for them. Some people adore spending time on gardening tasks and prefer to complete them by themself. But for anyone who doesn’t find all the weeding and mowing a fun thing or simply doesn’t have enough time, that service is what they need. Lawn cutting prices are not so unaffordable, and the service can save you a lot of the following:

  • Saves you money
  • Grass cutting service cost is completely justified if you think in the long term. Just think about it, if you don’t maintain your lawn regularly, and once the summer comes, you realize that you should hire someone to do some mowing and weeding, well that will cost you a lot of money, since your lawn will be overgrown and full of weeds. The next year, the situation will repeat itself, and you’ll find yourself spending a lot just to see your lawn in good condition for a while.

    Instead, you can hire a gardener on a regular basis, without feeling guilty for not taking care of your lawn and enjoy a beautiful garden all year long. Besides that, if you choose a regular service, you are not required to buy all kinds of garden equipment, which will save you money and will keep your garden shed tidy.

  • Saves your time
  • Since having even a little garden requires a great deal of commitment, hiring a professional lawn care expert will release you from this responsibility. That can save you from constant and dreadful mowing days. To be fair, any lawn work would take you more than twice the time it would take the gardener to finish the job. Furthermore, having someone to do all the dirty gardening work instead of you is a sure bonus, as it will free your day and give you a chance to spend more time on things you love, be it family, friends or a hobby.

  • Saves your lawn
  • Professional gardeners simply know what works, they are experienced and have enough knowledge. How much water does your lawn need? When should you fertilize? Also, there are specific aspects, related to lawn care, which you may not be aware of, such as your grass growing habits, for example, the cut direction or the recommended height of the lawnmower blades and so on. If you make even a small mistake with the cutting techniques, you risk overly stressing the grass. Therefore, you’ll start to notice many brown patches on your lawn, which recovery is troublesome, lasting and expensive.

    Everyone can decide whether grass cutting prices in the UK are outside of their budget or not. But as we’ve mentioned above, professional help can be worth every penny especially if you’ve found the right person or company to assist you.


  • Lawn care services cost depends on a range of factors, including the particular services you need, the labour intensity, the size of your lawn, the time that each job would take, the materials needed and more.
  • Lawn care is a complex service consisting of fertilizing, weeding, aerating and seeding.
  • Regular lawn care can save you money and time by improving your lawn’s overall look and condition.
  • Regular yard upkeep will make your property look beautiful, maintained and presentable.


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