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What Is a Boiler Service and What Does It Include

Could you imagine spending a winter without your trusty boiler? We can’t, either! Boiler maintenance is crucial to ensure its longevity and efficient operation. That’s right, even your water heater needs a preventive doctor’s visit from time to time, in the form of a boiler service.

But, what exactly is a boiler service, and what does it include? If you’re asking yourself these questions, worry not! This post has the answers!

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So, if you:

  • Aren’t sure what a boiler service is;
  • Want to know what your water heater check-up involves;
  • Are wondering what to expect from the service,

Then read on, because this is the post for you!

What is a boiler service

A boiler service is a yearly manual inspection of your water heater’s components, performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It involves maintenance of your boiler’s parts and inspecting the unit for faults or issues.

During the inspection, the technician will follow a boiler service checklist and perform a series of checks to test the heater’s efficiency and, most importantly, its safety. Some smaller faults can be taken care of on the spot to prevent larger problems down the line.

What does a boiler service include

Now that you know what a boiler service is generally, it’s time to dive into the details and explain exactly what is involved in a boiler service. For questions on price, check our article on how much should a boiler service cost.

  • Visual inspection.
    A boiler service usually begins with a visual inspection of the unit, where the technician will look for signs of damage, distress, or corrosion on the water heater.
  • Testing of the controls.
    The expert will then test the control and safety devices to see if they are fully and correctly operating.
  • Flue check-up.
    A full check of the flue will be performed to make sure there are no blockages and that it’s safely fitted. An FGA (Flue Gas Analyser) test is included, checking if the boiler is burning the proper mix of air and gas.
  • Removing the casing.
    The engineer will remove the boiler’s casing to inspect the components inside.
  • Cleaning.
    A boiler service includes cleaning of the boiler’s interior, and removing, inspecting, and cleaning the main components – the main injector, heat exchanger, flue ways, ignition pins and the spark, as well as the sensor probes.
  • Perform more component checks.
    The technician will then perform additional checks of other parts, such as the flame sense device, pilot burner, thermostat, seals, etc. The engineer can replace the seals to prevent any leaks from appearing.
  • Additional check-ups.
    The expert will carry out an inspection of the ventilation, electrical wiring, boiler location and its surroundings, and gas and pressure flow.
  • Condensate pipe and trap.
    If you have a condensing boiler, the engineer will perform a check-up of the condensate trap and pipe to make sure they are not blocked.
  • Leak test.
    The technician will check whether there is a carbon monoxide leak present.
  • Operation test.
    After the service is complete, the engineer will fire up the boiler and test if everything is working properly.
  • Detailed report.
    At the end of the service, you will receive an extensive report of all the work done on your boiler, so you know exactly what maintenance was done and can use it for future reference.

How long does a boiler service take

Usually, the service takes from 30 minutes to no more than an hour. However, that will depend on the boiler type and the maintenance it requires.

How much does a boiler service cost

It’s difficult to say exactly how much a boiler service will cost. There are many factors that can affect the price, including where you live, your local provider’s rates, what time your service is to be performed, your boiler type and model, etc. At Fantastic Services, the prices start from £95 and can go up to around £150 for a check-up, with additional costs if the Gas Safe registered engineer discovers any faults that need to be taken care of.

Does your boiler need servicing?

If it’s been a year since your last boiler service, then the time has come to book your appointment! So, why not consider entrusting the job to Fantastic Services? The boiler engineers we work with are fully insured, Gas Safe registered, vetted, and have years of experience under their belts. From checking for leaks and seal replacement to component inspection, rest assured that your boiler will be serviced professionally, so you can enjoy its perfect performance as an end result. And, should any faults present themselves, we can take care of them, too! Don’t hesitate to contact us to keep your home safe and your boiler happy! But, do you know what? Fortunately, we have one more option for you. Boiler cover care plan that includes annual boiler service.

Keep your boiler in top condition with regular check-ups from Fantastic Services!


  • A boiler service is an annual check-up of your boiler and its components in order to keep it operating safely and efficiently.
  • The service includes a thorough inspection and cleaning of your boiler’s interior and parts.
  • At the end of the service, you will receive a detailed report of all the work done on your boiler.
  • A boiler service rarely takes over an hour.


Did you find this post useful? Do you have any other questions about boiler servicing? Let us know in the comments!

Image source: depositphotos / AndreyPopov

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