Cooking, Crafting, Getting in Shape – How to Spend Your Free Time in London

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Since time immemorial, food has been a focal point of our society – from people gathering to enjoy a meal together to it being a source of comfort during some of our lowest moments. So, it should come as no surprise that London has long since become home to some of the most exciting culinary adventures you can get your hands on in the UK.

But with the average Briton spending up to 21 hours per week doing housework, there is often not enough time left to attend all these interesting events and cooking lessons. Finding classes and events, which suit your interests and tastes, can also prove to be quite the challenge due to the city’s sheer size and the number of courses being offered.

This is where Fantastic Services and Tabl can swoop in to save the day!

Tabl. is an online service which allows you to easily purchase craft food and drinks. It can also help you find and book events, such as cooking classes that may range from vegan cuisine to French desserts, as well as to reserve places way in advance to ensure the perfect dining experience. When combined with a Fantastic Cleaners booking, the pair forms a perfect synergy. Our highly trained professionals will happily take care of your household chores while you attend the culinary events and cooking classes you never had the time to check out before.

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To give you an idea of what is available, here are five upcoming events, which caught our attention and have the potential to turn your home into the main gathering place for your friends and family during the warm summer evenings.

25th of May 2017 – Wild West BBQ

Few nations can compare to the US when it comes to BBQ. With this class, you will learn how to make an authentic marinade and BBQ sauce, as well as how to grill meat to perfection. Be warned though – once you master this mouth-wateringly delicious cooking style, your friends and family might try to persuade you to host a BBQ event every weekend!

Various Dates – Dinner Party Dining: Cooking Class

We all know how short-lived the British summer can be, so it’s good to have a backup plan if your BBQ is cancelled due to bad weather. These classes will teach you how to prepare dishes, which are all perfect for dinner parties and are sure to impress your guests. Not only that, but there will also be wine, as well as homemade bread and dip available during the class.

Wine pairing courses

No dinner party is complete without a well-chosen wine to compliment the meal. But selecting the right wine can often be a nerve-wracking experience. Tabl offer various wine pairing courses throughout the year that cover every dish of the meal, from starter all the way to dessert.

7th of June 2017 – Simple Supper Club

After a long, hard day at work, the last thing many of us want to do is to spend what little free time we have preparing a large, complicated meal. The Simple Supper classes will teach you how to make quick, simple, and delicious meals which will be perfect for weekday dinners and lazy weekend meals.

Various Dates – Knife Skills

As a lot of the accidents in private and commercial kitchens are caused by the incorrect handling of kitchen knives, we were impressed to find courses that teach people how to use knives safely, just like the professional chefs do.

For a full list of events being held in London this year, please visit

If cooking doesn’t interest you – don’t worry, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy while our Fantastic Cleaners take care of your chores.

Jewellery Crafting / Silversmithing

Learning how to craft jewellery and the intricacies of silver-smithing is a great way of accessing and nurturing your creative side. In doing so, not only will you be able to present hand-made gifts to your family and friends, but you may also be able to earn a small income by selling your pieces of art.

Get in Shape with Dance-based Fitness

Dance fitness is incredibly popular right now. There are many systems and companies to choose from, but they all focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle through dancing, aerobic exercises, and community building.

So, there we have it. With Fantastic Services taking care of your housework, you will be free to pursue your interests and the almost limitless activities that London has to offer will be yours to experience.

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