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Fantastic Services Adopts Clean Advertising on the Streets of London

During the month of July, Fantastic Services embarked on an exciting style of marketing with its ‘stencil campaign’. This campaign involved stencilling a special promotion on a multitude of streets around London through Reverse Graffiti advertising, also known as ‘Clean Advertising’. We’re proud to introduce this new style of advertising and of course, we have something in store for the Londoners who come across it.

Titled ‘Cleaning Spaces, Creating Happy Faces’, through this campaign Fantastic Services customers can get £10 off their next service with us by using the promo code found in the advert. But this is only part of the journey. In order to benefit from this promotion, you have to search the streets of London to find it, taking you on an adventure of exploration around your city! 

But is it Legal?

The question might arise about whether marking the streets of London is legal. Some may even call this graffiti-style advertising sheer vandalism! However, to put your mind at ease, we can confirm that we sourced all the relevant permissions from the local council when embarking on this ‘clean’ advertising campaign and what’s more, we also used eco-friendly materials to create it.

Go on an Adventure!

We encourage you to join us in this adventure of discovery! All you need to do is put on your walking shoes and go for a walk in SW of London looking for the secret code in the advert. Once you enter this code when booking your next service with us, you’ll benefit from a £10 discount on that service! The promo codes are valid for all services and minimum charges apply. With our services, you can enjoy more free time doing the things you love instead of doing chores or maintenance around your home. 

The areas which you can explore to find the adverts and the secret promo code can be found here.

Eco-Friendly Advertising

The ads on the streets of London were created with water on dirty pavements. The wear and tear from foot traffic, as well as the elements of the weather, will ensure that the ad is removed in the most natural way. This makes for eco-friendly advertising that doesn’t employ large quantities of paper or plastic, making us a leader in not only providing great services that people love all across the UK but also a ‘clean’ advertiser, too. 

We plan on taking the next step forward in securing the best future with an environmentally educated approach with our mode of transportation, too. In fact, we not only plan to use electric vehicles in the future, reducing pollution, but we are also efficient with our use of fuel. One example relates to the BFantastic app  which optimises the fuel efficiency of our franchisees, saving their vehicles 10 miles of fuel per day. 

Using the reverse graffiti shows that you don’t always have to leave something behind in order to advertise. This smart cleaning technique allows us to continue doing what we love – cleaning spaces and creating happy faces, whilst being an eco-friendly company.

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