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Until there’s a problem, we don’t realise the importance of our plumbing system. Yet our trusty plumbing can allow us to enjoy a warm bubble bath, a piping hot cup of coffee, and of course, helps us tidy up by supplying and draining the dishwater. Clogged drains and baths leave unsightly puddles of stale and dirty water that just won’t wash down. Moreover, it leads to nasty odors that we might not know how to get rid of. This is why we’ve created a superb blog below dedicated to helping you address all your plumbing needs. Take a look! You’ll learn a lot!

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  • Why Does My Toilet Keep Blocking?

    Do you find yourself keeping the plunger on hand every time you go to the bathroom? Are your children constantly testing the limits of your plumbing system by throwing anything in sight down the toilet bowl? Or maybe your toilet keeps clogging for no apparent reason. If you regularly ask yoursel

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  • How to Read Gas Smart Meter

    By 2020, most British homes should have installed smart meters at home. If you’re one of the last ones to get it, you’re probably wondering how to read a gas smart meter. Well, don’t worry! Because the Fantastic Services team is here to explain how to read this sci-fi contraption and how to ul

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  • How to Repressurise a Boiler

    If you’ve come home after work and noticed it’s colder than usual, there might be a problem with your heating system. Your next order of business is to check the radiators. If they’re cold in certain places only, you might have to bleed them to remove a bubble of air. But, if the entire heater

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  • How to get rid of smelly drains

    It is quite an unpleasant surprise to walk into your kitchen or bathroom and get hit by a nasty smell coming from the drains. While running the water for several minutes fixes the problem, every once in a while you have to get down and dirty to clean those drains. So, if you: Moved into a new

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  • How to Remove Air from Water Pipes

    No one enjoys turning on the faucet, only to be confronted by unsteady, sputtering water flow and a bunch of gurgling noises. These are clear signs that you are dealing with air in the water pipes. Fear not! It’s not as serious as it sounds and can usually be fixed in a matter of minutes. So, i

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  • How to Install a Fridge Freezer

    Have you just bought a new fridge freezer and now you’re wondering how to install it? Or maybe you do know how to install it, but still, you wonder if there is something important you should know prior to putting it to use? First, you are a responsible homeowner for thinking like this. And second

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