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  • Clean Up Campaign Goes Fantastically!

    On Wednesday, 13th March 2019, Fantastic Services teamed up with environmental non-profit organisation (NPO), Thames21 in what ended up being a successful clean-up campaign of the Thames River in London. (more…)

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  • 12 Christmassy Inconveniences Solved by 12 Little Helping Apps

    Right now, you are probably wondering: is it Christmas yet? Well, you can quickly find out here Thank you, Technology! However, the holiday season – especially in recent years – comes with tonnes of other inconveniences that leave us perplexed and anxious. (more…)

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  • Fantastic’s Refresh London Campaign – Free Cleaning Service for Local Businesses!

    Keeping your business's facade clean is a never-ending job. Especially in a busy city like London. But now, inspired by the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign and the City of Manchester's "Keeping your street clean" initiative, the Fantastic Refresh Campaign is here to lend a helping hand! Do you know a local business which could use a FREE jet washing or FREE window cleaning service to help them out? Or can you think of a part of your neighbourhood which could really use a clean? Read on and find out how you can nominate a business (even your own). (more…)

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  • Share £30 with a friend! That’s Fantastic!

    It's time to up the ante. Normally, you and your friend each get £10 credit when you use the Fantastic Referral Programme. That's a decent £20 of FREE home services. But what if each of you could get an extra £5 credit on top? Simply by doing exactly the same thing you normally do? This month with Fantastic Services, you can! Get money off home cleaning, gardening… that handyman service you've been putting off - anything you need. Because up until 30th October you get £15 credit for each friend you refer instead of the usual £10. Get three friends on board and with our current offer you can get three hours of home cleaning for free! And remember - each friend gets £15 discount too. (more…)

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  • Save more. Save often. Get free stuff with the Fantastic membership program!

    Save £150 every year? Sign me up for the Fantastic Club! More than 13 000 people have signed up to join the Fantastic Club since it launched only one year ago. That's over 1000 every month! £150 is just the start too. Planning to use regular home cleaning or a one-off cleaning service? Your savings will average £190. Some Fantastic members have even reached the £1000 savings mark... (more…)

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