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How to Lay Artificial Grass

london fake grass installation

Having a nice garden with a beautiful, green, fresh-looking grass area is something every homeowner would like to have. Real grass, though, needs its fair share of weekly maintenance. There are a lot of lawn care tricks you would need to learn, each one of them – specially designed for the many different types of grass, available out there. It takes a lot of knowledge and time, something many of us do not have. That’s why many people consider turning to the affordable and quick solution of installing artificial grass in their yards. In this helpful guide, we will show you all the necessary steps you need to take to do this on your own.

How to Lay Gravel Over Grass

lay gravel over grass

It’s really no surprise why so many homeowners think of replacing grass with gravel. It’s suitable for almost every type of garden, it’s easy maintenance and there are many types to choose from. So, if you are also wondering about renovating your garden space, this is a helpful guide on how to transition from grass to gravel.

19 Gorgeous Winter Flowering Plants For Display

winter flowering plants for display

This is a call for all of you flower lovers out there. There is no need to put your gardening tools away this winter! Why have a boring dormant garden, when you can decorate it many cheerful flower specimens? You might be thinking “Wait a second, plants die in the cold.” Yes, a big part of the representatives of the plant species go into a dormant mode during the winter, but not all of them.

How to Grow Winter Herbs the Easy & Fast Way

How to Easily Grow Herbs in Winter

Every passionate home cook knows that nothing can beat the taste and aroma of just picked home-grown herbs. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like to look like a professional chef from a cooking show. Move over, Jamie Oliver. But what happens with your cooking endeavors when winter decides to settle in? You probably go back to those boring and plain store-bought spice packets, right? Will let you on a little secret: Growing herbs in the winter is possible and ridiculously easy.

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