Our blog is a media outlet that regularly publishes Do-It-Yourself form of content on various topics. Please be mindful of the fact that the information and advice given here are provided by experienced technicians and it aims to illustrate ideas and opinions of industry professionals who have in-depth knowledge of their respective trade. As a commercial service provider, our intention is to provide the user with a helpful point of view that is based on the expertise of said technicians and, should the user wish so, to provide them with professional assistance.

In our capacities stated above, we advise our users to:

  • Bear in mind that certain do-it-yourself activities come with risks for their health and the safety of their property;
  • Consult with a specialist before they partake in any do-it-yourself activity that may pose such risks;
  • Familiarise themselves with laws and regulations relevant to the activity they are about to partake in through sources sanctioned by the relevant authorities;
  • Abide by local health and safety laws and regulations;

For further information about using our website, you can refer to the Terms and Conditions page.

Last updated: November 2018

COVID-19 UPDATE: Fantastic Services remains fully operational during the November lockdown.
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