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In the Spirit of Giving and Goodwill, Fantastic Services Donates 7 Christmas Trees to Schools in London

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year for adults and children. Their eyes begin to sparkle when they think of all the presents under the Christmas trees and they start to feel the magic brought on by good old Father Christmas. This year, Fantastic Services couldn’t wait to bring this joy to hundreds of children in the M25 area of London as we embarked on a journey of making this Christmas even more magical for them.

In the spirit of giving

Armed with generosity and goodwill this December, we located and got in touch with different schools around London in order to bring the Christmas spirit in. Seven festive trees (5-6 feet) were donated to them and are now enjoyed by all the children and staff.

But Christmas trees would not be complete without decorations. This is why in addition to them, we donated 90 wooden toys as well – bringing the holiday spirit and festive vibes early this year. 

The schools included:

  • Alderbrook Primary School;
  • Barrow Hill Junior School;
  • Tabernacle School;
  • Richard Atkins Primary School;
  • Oak Lodge School;
  • John Burns Primary School;
  • Bulgarian School ‘V. Levski’ – Barking.

Audrey Ross, Pupil, Parent & Community Liaison Officer at Barrow Hill Junior School, said:

On behalf of all the children, staff and community of Barrow Hill Junior School, I’d like to thank you for facilitating this on our behalf. It’s much appreciated and will be enjoyed by everyone.

Saving the environment while doing good

The donation of real Christmas trees to these schools not only brought joy to the children; it was also the more environmentally-friendly alternative to using artificial trees. While the thought of chopping down a live evergreen may seem counter-intuitive, it’s actually the better option to go for and here’s why: most Christmas trees aren’t taken from wild woods. They are grown in plantations with the specific purpose of being cut down and used during the holidays. That’s why there is no actual deforestation taking place.

Furthermore, many of these tree farms plant more trees than they can sell. This means that for every conifer that gets cut down, 1 to 3 new ones are planted. Therefore, there are actually more and more trees growing and producing oxygen every year.

What’s more, is that real trees are recyclable. They can be mulched and used for landscaping. Meanwhile, potted trees can be replanted in your garden and reused the following year. That’s why it’s a win-win situation overall!

A throwback to 2017 

And here’s a short throwback to two years ago when Fantastic Services again donated a real Christmas tree to Royal Trinity Hospice in Clapham, London for the second year in a row. Few charities embody the ethos of giving and caring as much as this non-profit organisation and we were pleased to oblige their request for donating a Christmas tree to them and their members.  

In closing

The festive season is a good reminder for all of us to be better and to help each other. There’s nothing more satisfying and heart-warming than the gesture of giving. Wishing everyone celebrating this holiday a joyous and peaceful time. 

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