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How Much To Install a Boiler – Installing a Boiler Based On Your Homes Needs

The old boiler on the fritz? Central heating cutting out? It might be time for a new boiler! But getting a new boiler can be confusing, especially when you wade into the murky waters of types and models. Unless you’re a boiler engineer, it’s hard to figure out which appliance will suit your needs best. 

That’s where we come in, with this handy article. We’ll discuss a couple of different boiler types and discuss the installation costs, which will help you make a more informed decision. 

So if you: 

  • are considering buying a new boiler;
  • need some information about the types and models;
  • would like to know how much it costs to install a boiler.

Then stick with us! 

The costs that come with a new boiler

The costs of a new boiler can differ depending on what type of boiler you get and the brand. The costs can be as low as £600 for the budget models, though can quickly surpass the £2000 threshold once you start looking at the premium options. You also need to consider the fact that if you convert from one boiler to another (for example a standalone to a combi), the costs can be considerably higher. 

Changing boiler systems

Make sure you know what system you’re using too! Different types of boilers will require different setups, so if you’re replacing a standalone boiler with a combi, costs will be higher in terms of installation than if you were replacing it with the same appliance. Still, depending on your needs, it may be more cost-effective to change the system, especially if you live in an older property. 

For newer properties, it’s unlikely you’ll need to convert the boiler system. That’s because, for new builds, the most efficient system is already in place and should be perfectly suited to the property’s needs. 

Boiler installation cost

So, we’ve gone over choosing a new boiler and the costs, now let’s look at the boiler installation price. We’ll use our rates as an example here, just to give you an idea of what to expect. Take a look at the table below. As you can see, the engineers work on both an hourly and daily basis.

Appointments8am – 6pm6pm – 10pm
First Hour£110£126
Subsequent Half Hours£51£60
Day Rates£548

The shortest appointment you can book is an hour, however, if the boiler isn’t installed within that first hour, that’s where the subsequent half-hour rates come in. Plus, you’ll only pay for the amount of time spent on the job. If the engineers need to pick up some extra materials and parts, you won’t be charged extra for it. 

The engineers work 7 days a week, so they are also available for weekends. Callouts on the weekend are slightly more expensive though, with the hourly rate coming in at £128 for Saturdays and £158 for Sundays. 

Boiler installation cost – Site inspection

It’s important to take the table with a pinch of salt, as the only way we can supply you with an accurate price is to send an engineer for a visit. That’s because there are a number of factors that can affect the service cost. 

The engineers will check the type of boiler you want to be installed, the size of the area and whether you’re changing the boiler system entirely which would require extra time and effort. The onsite visit lasts around half an hour on average and you should get a quote within 24 hours. 

Manufacturer guarantee

An added bonus of working with us is that you’ll get a 12-year manufacturer guarantee. That means, if the boiler suffers a serious breakdown, an engineer will come out free of charge in order to replace the boiler entirely. The guarantee is applicable regardless of what type of boiler you choose, whether it be the popular combination boiler or a regular one. 

Boiler cover options

Now, having a new boiler installed will usually mean you’ll be free of problems for a while. That being said, boilers are incredibly finicky, so problems can’t always be ruled out just because of how new the boiler is. 

That’s why we recommend getting boiler cover, which will give you a free yearly boiler service and reduce costs if the boiler is in need of repair. This is especially important for older boilers, where more things can go wrong simply because of their age. Along with our standard boiler cover, we also offer landlord boiler cover too, which comes with the added benefit of a gas safety certificate, something all rental properties need.  

Need a boiler installed?

Now that you know a little more about our prices, consider letting Fantastic Services install your boiler. We work with experienced and well-equipped engineers, who will install your boiler safely and effectively. And remember, with us, you’ll get a 12-year guarantee, which means you’ll be protected against major boiler faults and breakdowns, which will help save your pockets a pretty penny.

Booking with us is easy! You can either schedule a service appointment online or give us a call so that we can set up an on-site visit. So what are you waiting for? 

Need to get your new boiler installed?

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  • You should choose a boiler based on your property and your needs.
  • Engineers have an hourly rate, but to get an accurate quote, a visit to your property is required. 
  • You’ll only be charged for the work done. No added costs for materials or shopping time.
  • You get a 12-year guarantee when you use Fantastic Services to install your boiler.


We hope you found our article on boiler installation cost helpful. If you have any questions about the service or the prices, leave a comment with us below!

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