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How to get the most out of your regular domestic cleaning

The domestic cleaning service that saves you time, saves you money, and helps the environment.

Recently we launched a survey through the research agency OnePoll and found out that on average Brits spend 3 hours and 6 minutes each week on home cleaning chores such as dusting and hoovering. This amounts to more than one year in a lifetime (390 days to be precise). A whole year of your life wasted doing mundane, repetitive household work.

Sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

Well, our regular domestic cleaning service can help you escape this reality and make things more fantastic for you.

You can have more free time for yourself.
You help the environment by using an eco-conscious service.
You can even save hundreds of pounds over the course of a year.

We have designed our 5-star rated service with 360 degrees of happiness in mind, with perfect conditions for the diligent cleaners as well.

You can save about £400/year on domestic cleaning as a Fantastic Club member

So right now you might be wondering what is the Fantastic Club and how do you get into it?

It’s simple: the Fantastic Club is our annual subscription that gives you all sorts of perks.

For instance, you can enjoy our regular domestic cleaning from £16/h. Therefore, using our service regularly each month can result in hundreds of pounds saved over time.

But wait, there are all sorts of additional perks for you to enjoy, such as:

  • £300 in credits
  • Domestic cleaning from £16/h
  • Preferential member rates
  • Exclusive seasonal deals
  • Real-time arrival tracker
  • Priority booking & case handling
  • Deals by partnering brands

Household emergencies happen every now and then. A burst pipe, a leaky tap, a faulty boiler, a pest infestation. With the Fantastic Club, you have priority access to highly rated services carried out by experienced, masterful technicians.

And all of this comes at lower rates. And each non-hourly service earns you extra credits towards future bookings. In fact, you can pay up to 50% of non-hourly services with your accumulated Fantastic credits so when your next domestic emergency occurs, you are backed up by a reliable service.

What makes our regular domestic cleaning a 5-star rated service

This is one of our most highly valued services. Here’s what makes it truly fantastic!

  • It is carried out by in-house trained and insured cleaners.
  • They can follow all your unique requests and requirements.
  • They can also handle some other domestic chores such as washing the dishes, folding your laundry, and ironing your shirts.
  • No strings attached, there is no contract and you can cancel any time.

In addition, your cleaner can bring detergents and cleaning materials to carry out the spruce up in case you don’t have any available at home.

All Fantastic cleaners and professionals use a mobile app in their day to day work. This way they travel from address to address in the most optimised way, saving precious miles of traffic and effectively reducing the carbon footprint of our services. Over 90% of the domestic cleaners travel around the city with public transport.

One-Off cleaning, bargain packages, and so much more!

In case you do not wish to set up a regular cleaning service, then you can opt for our One-Off cleaning service. Simply book the date, time, and duration that work best for you, and leave the rest to your helpful Fantastic cleaner.

As a Fantastic Club member, you have priority access to our wide range of special cleaning services. In fact, right now we have a bit of a sale going on with some budget-friendly packages.

For example, here are our current Oven Cleaning packages:

  • Single oven + Hob + Extractor
  • Double oven + Hob + Extractor
  • Single Wide oven + Hob + Extractor
  • Range cooker + Hob + Extractor

All of these can be handled in one visitation by an experienced oven cleaning technician who will restore your cooker and its periphery to an almost brand new look!

We also have bargain packages going on for Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Gardening. Make sure to check those out the next time you book online.

Ready to book?

Find a professional to take care of your property.

Add a valid postcode e.g. SE1 2TH

Keep your home clean and tidy using your smartphone

Fantastic Services functions in a slick new fashion. We are a tech-savvy company that makes things easier for you through automation and technology. Thus, once you book your regular domestic cleaning, you can easily manage everything with just a few swipes and taps on your smartphone, or any other device.

Your Fantastic Account – You can keep track of your bookings, reschedule or cancel services, and more. Simply log into your Fantastic Account through our website and discover an easier way to book domestic services and take care of your home.

The GoFantastic mobile app – Just download our award-winning mobile app from App Store or Google Play. You can log into it using your Fantastic Account and easily manage everything in there. You have access to over 100 highly rated domestic services and the app keeps track of everything for you.

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