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​Unlucky for Some. Lucky for You!


Who said Friday 13th had to be unlucky?

Turn your bad luck into something good when this completely arbitrary combination of date and day roll around again this July. Fantastic Services is giving you 13% OFF a whole bunch of services with your membership account. Plus, you can select 10% and more discounts being a member of the Fantastic Club.

And it’s not just when you book on Friday either.


The Huracan Foundation scores again!


Shared passion. Global goals. The Huracan Foundation is a charity which gives children in poor communities in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, India and elsewhere around the world a better education through the beautiful game.

The charity sees football-based projects as a great opportunity for kids who come from the poorest parts of their local areas. Their work improves the kids’ attendance at school, gets them to help out with community projects identified and operated by local people, and generally avoid crime, drugs and other big problems unique to each area.

All in all, it’s a brilliant charity – noticed by FIFA as well as Sky and the BBC – which Fantastic Services has been supporting for the past two years.


Need home cleaning? Just tell Alexa

Book one off cleaning with Alexa and Fantastic Services

Enable the Fantastic Services skill with just a few simple commands!

Now, for the first time ever, you can take care of your home cleaning with a little help from Alexa. That’s right, we put two and two together and Fantastic Services has made it possible for you to use your Amazon Echo device in another fun and helpful way. You can easily book our One-off Cleaning Service for your place with just a few voice commands. (more…)

A Close Eye For Cleaning – Partnership with EyeRespect!

eyerespect treats partnership 3


To get the perfect results when cleaning your home, you need great vision. So what makes more sense than a partnership between Fantastic and an independent British eyewear company…

Okay. We might be pushing it a bit with the link here. But provider of boutique handmade eyewear EyeRespect has got some great glasses and spectacle frames for both men and women. So we’re very happy indeed that they’re interested in partnering up with us.

Now, simply for being a Fantastic customer, you can GET A MASSIVE £30 OFF eyewear with your next purchase from EyeRespect.