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Cockroach Pest Control: Cost, Pricing Factors and Treatments

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Cockroaches are a nuisance when they appear on your property but can quickly become a problem once they establish a nest. It’s safe to say that where there’s one, there will be more… lots more. Because of their fast reproduction and extreme build, roaches can survive any DIY means; it’s not a question of whether you need a professional exterminator, but when.

So if you

  • Realise you have a cockroach problem.
  • Have tried some DIY methods, which didn’t work.
  • Are looking for a professional pest control service provider and are comparing prices,

Then read this cockroach pest control cost guide. You will not only learn the average prices but also how they are formed.

Why do you see cockroaches all of a sudden?

Cockroaches can find their way into your home even if you clean it daily. While cleanliness certainly helps, it in itself is not enough. Sometimes the pests are attracted by other things, such as:


Think back and try and remember if you’ve changed how you store your food. Do you leave any food outside the fridge? Cockroaches love all kinds of food, from human to pet food, plus fabrics, cardboard, paper and packing materials. So, even though some of your food is in boxes, that doesn’t protect it from hungry roaches. Also, never leave fruits and vegetables on the table, and always sweep bread crumbs. Finally, never leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink as the food particles might attract pests.


Rubbish bins make the perfect habitat for roaches because conditions inside are warm, and humid and there’s always some food waste. To make sure the roach infestation is not coming from your rubbish bins, make sure that they’re emptied regularly, don’t throw away food waste and always close the lids properly. If the lids are broken, you will need to obtain a new rubbish bin.


Sometimes even though everything is fine on your side of the property, problems can still stem from your neighbours. Maybe their lodging isn’t as clean as it should be, or maybe their rubbish bin is old and cracked. If the roaches appear in one of your rooms with no food or proper conditions, then it’s likely the neighbour whose room is on the other side. A conversation is to be had in this case.

Issues with plumbing

Besides rubbish to feed on, cockroaches also need water. That’s why, when you have an infestation, it’s very common to see the pests in your bathroom at night. The problem is that they don’t need much water and can thrive even in the smallest of drops. So, if you have a leaking pipe for instance or another type of leak, be it in your bathroom or another place, you can be sure that’s where the roaches will hand out.

Not sure where the cockroaches are coming from?

Get in touch with the experts for thorough inspection!

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Cockroach pest control cost in UK

It’s hard to get an average cockroach pest control price before a proper inspection has been carried out. The price can vary depending on different factors, so take the following numbers with a grain of salt:

Property typeAverage price
1 bedroom property£180
2 bedroom property£200
3 bedroom property£250

If your mind is already set on using professional cockroach control but wonders if it’s possible to save from the cost, we at Fantastic Services offer special prices for club members, along with other benefits.

Find out more about our Fantastic Club membership prices and cockroach pest control options.

Most common cockroach pest control methods

Some people wonder how hard can cockroach extermination actually be. In reality, spraying chemicals is not the only way to deal with the pests, in fact, it’s the least preferred way. Sure, you can purchase any anti-roach product and spray your entire property, but that won’t remove the problem if you don’t know where the nest is.

Furthermore, your family and pets will step on the sprayed surfaces. On the other hand, a professional can carry out cockroach pest control in a variety of different ways:

Glue traps

  • What is it? – Pieces of cardboard covered with adhesive.
  • When to use it? – Light infestation where you’ve seen several roaches, but not more.
  • How is it done? – These are placed under kitchen sinks, behind refrigerators, basically, any place where there is roach traffic. The downside to glue traps is only the roaches who walk on them will get caught. The nest, if there is such, will remain whole.


  • What is it? – Baits are poisons which come in two forms: gels baits and bait stations.
  • When to use it? – While the infestation is still in the early stages.
  • How is it done? – Gel baits are sold in syringes or tubes, which makes them easy to apply to hard-to-reach areas such as baseboards, cracks and crevices. Mind you, after using gel baits, you will have dead roaches lying around, which you need to pick up. Bait stations, also known as roach motels, are small plastic containers containing poison. The roaches get inside, feed on the poison, and then return to their nest where they die. The rest of the colony will die after they consume the dead bodies and hence the poison.
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  • What is it? – Foggers, also known as cockroach bombs, release pesticides into the air and cover the surface that the pests come in contact with.
  • When to use it? – In confined spaces
  • How is it done? – One or two of these are placed in the infested room. They should be placed on a table or chair and activated to release their poison via the press of a button. The pesticide from the cans will stay in the air for several minutes, then fall and settle on the surfaces. Whenever a roach touches the surface, it will die. Frankly, roach bombs are not an ideal pest control method, as they cannot eradicate the nest and are a huge safety hazard to children and pets. In fact, they might push the roaches further into hiding.

Spraying with insecticide

  • What is it? – Insecticides are chemicals which damage the roach’s nervous system. The result is the roach can’t walk and process food, so it dies from starvation and dehydration.
  • When to use it? – Only in severe cases where there is no other alternative, and the property is crawling with cockroaches.
  • How is it done? – The exterminator will spray the infested room with the pesticide and leave traps. Then they will tell you how long you must wait before you return but expect it to be at least a few hours. You must also wait at least several days until you clean the sprayed surfaces. The specialist will return in a few weeks for another treatment.
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What affects cockroach pest control prices?

Now you know the average costs, but how are they formed, and why will each company give you a different price?

  • Size of your property – The size of the rooms and their number will greatly impact the final bill you will be presented with. Next comes the…
  • Level of infestation – A few roaches here and there will be easy to get rid of. However, an entire nest is a whole nother matter which will take more efforts and time. Speaking of which…
  • Number of treatments – You will need more than one treatment if you have a huge infestation and cockroaches seem to be crawling from every corner. In fact, two treatments might still not be enough. The more treatments, the higher the price.
  • Type of treatment – glue traps are way less expensive than pesticides, but then again, they are used for lighter infestation levels.

How do professionals get rid of roaches?

The professional exterminator will never spray pesticides randomly. Instead, they will:

  1. Conduct a survey to understand the level of infestation.
  2. They will place poisonous bait gel to attract the pests.
  3. If necessary, the exterminator will carry out the full treatment with pesticides.
  4. The professional will provide you with information on how to avoid pest infestations in the future.
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Do roaches come back after treatment?

Roaches can return after treatment if you fail to take the protective measures:

  • Inspect items before they enter your home – you may have a stowaway roach in your suitcase or grocery bag. Remember, all it takes is just one.
  • Keep a clean home – dust all surfaces regularly, don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink and always dispose of clutter. The fewer hiding places and food sources, the better.
  • Limit dining to one room – it’s impossible not to drop breadcrumbs whilst eating, but when you do it in only one room, it’s easier to keep it in check.
  • Store food properly – use sealed containers and always empty pet food bowls each night.
  • Seal entry points – close all the cracks and crevices you can find also, don’t forget gaps around windows and doors.
  • Fix leaks – as soon as you discover a leak, take care of it instead of ignoring it. A dehumidifier will also work wonders for the damp basement if you happen to have one.

Having trouble with cockroaches?

Book a seasoned professional and wave the roaches goodbye!

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