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Fantastic Gardeners – Nourishing Gardens and Kids’ Minds!

Spring is on its way! It’s the time of year when people start thinking about their gardens again. As the nights get lighter and the weather (hopefully) gets better, we’ll all be spending more time outside. Recently, Acol Nursery in London reached out to Fantastic Services and asked us for a little help with their gardens.

Acol is a nursery situated in West Hampstead. They’ve created a place with a homely feel for children to explore and enjoy. With a large outdoor area, the children are able to nurture a relationship with nature, and Fantastic Services are always happy to help the local community.

On the 29th February, Fantastic Gardeners provided them with a General Garden Maintenance Service – free of charge. The professionals spent the day tidying up their front and back gardens, as well as making them some lovely flower beds. And it doesn’t end there. Fantastic Gardeners will also be making a return visit in a few weeks to sow some flowers and vegetables. The children will then learn how to care and maintain them for themselves!

We think that it’s an important thing for children to do. Why? Well, children are natural gardeners. They love to learn and they love to get mucky in the dirt. It’s important for them to learn to care for things. It’s an essential life skill, and it teaches them to be aware of their surroundings and the environment. Also, it teaches them to be responsible, and growing plants can be a great way to improve children’s confidence. After just a few days, the children will be able to see the garden springing to life! We can’t wait to see what a great job the kids will do of taking care of the fantastic flowers and plants!

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