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The pride and joy of any home - our gardens are the tranquil spaces we love and enjoy. Whether you’re meditating outside with a cup of tea in your hands, or playing ball with your child, gardens are the areas in our homes which require thorough attention if you want them to look good throughout the year. Regular maintenance is therefore a must, as is mowing, pruning, hedging and trimming. But these tasks aren’t always simple or easy. Sometimes, an expert's advice is what’s needed to get your lovely garden looking its best. That’s why we’ve created our series of blogs on garden maintenance - to help you make the most of your garden in a cost-effective way.

Most recent articles in Garden Advice

  • Can My Neighbour Put Up a Fence Without My Permission

    Dealing with uncooperative neighbours is never a pleasant task, especially in terms of house boundaries. Let’s say you wake up one day and the same annoying Mr Whatshisname has installed a huge and ugly fence without bothering to ask you. Before you surrender to the urge of tearing down the wall with your bare hands, hear us out: There are a few things you can try in order to find justice in this situation. (more…)

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  • Can You Lay Turf on Sand & Should You Do It in the First Place?

    We’ll all agree that Brits are avid gardeners, who are especially proud of their lawns. And they’ll be always interested in how best to establish new turf, based on the soil type in their gardens. Commonly, the soil in your yard will contain a mixture of sand, clay, silt, loam or chalk in different proportions. In that sense, you may have sandy soil, loamy sand, sandy clay, sandy silt, clay, sandy loam, sandy clay loam, lime-rich soil, etc. The list goes on. (more…)

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  • Should You Use Sand Infill for Artificial Grass?

    So, you have taken the decision to embrace the many benefits of having artificial grass. And while you’re thinking of how beautiful life can be, as you don’t have to mow your lawn every Sunday, a question pops up. Can you do anything more to the artificial grass to make it even more durable and prolong its life? (more…)

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  • How Much Does Artificial Grass Installation Cost in the UK on Average?

    Many house owners can agree on one thing, without blinking an eye: One of the most tedious and time-consuming garden maintenance jobs is taking care of the grass. And all for what? As soon as the colder months settle in, your beloved garden turns into a sad brown memory of what it was. But what if we told you that there is a way to keep your lawn looking on point all year round? Two words: Artificial grass. (more…)

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  • How to Lay Artificial Grass

    Having a nice garden with a beautiful, green, fresh-looking grass area is something every homeowner would like to have. Real grass, though, needs its fair share of weekly maintenance. There are a lot of lawn care tricks you would need to learn, each one of them - specially designed for the many different types of grass, available out there. It takes a lot of knowledge and time, something many of us do not have. That’s why many people consider turning to the affordable and quick solution of installing artificial grass in their yards. In this helpful guide, we will show you all the necessary steps you need to take to do this on your own. (more…)

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