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How to Fix a Wooden Fence

A wooden fence can make a garden feel cosy, as well as make for a more private space, safe from the eyes of your neighbours. However, strong winds, rain and, let’s be honest, British weather overall, can be its worst enemies.

Whether your fence has been blown down by a storm or is facing rot caused by rain and moisture, you’ll need to repair it as quick as possible. After all, a fence is only as strong as its weakest plank.

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So, if your wooden panel fence:

  • Has been damaged in a storm;
  • Has rotted planks;
  • Has a sagging gate,

Then read on! This post is just for you.

What you need

  • Crowbar;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Combination pliers;
  • Digging spade/shovel;
  • Cordless drill;
  • Spirit level;
  • Galvanised nails;
  • Trowel;
  • Protective gloves;
  • New fence post and panel (if necessary).

How to repair a wooden fence post

If your fence post has minor damage to the base, you can reinforce it using metal braces. All you need to do is drive the braces into the ground. Then, attach them to the undamaged part of the post using screws or nails.

For more serious breakage or rot, however, you will need to replace it. Just make sure the new post is the same size as the old one. Here is how to replace a wooden fence post:

  1. Separate the panel.
    Using a crowbar, separate the panel frame from the post.
  2. Saw the nails.
    Saw through the nails in the panels using a hacksaw.
  3. Remove nails.
    Hammer in the nails, or remove them with combination pliers or a claw hammer.
  4. Repeat on both sides.
    You will need to do this for the panels on each side of the fence post.
  5. Dig.
    Dig out the base of the post using a shovel or digging spade.
  6. Remove the post.
    Remove the old post, including the concrete base if there is one.
  7. Place the new post in the hole.
    Making sure the post is level and the height and position match up to the rest, position the new post in the hole.
  8. Secure the post by creating temporary props.
    Drive the first prop in the ground, then screw it into the post. Do the same for the second one, securing it to the adjacent side of the post.
  9. Pour in Post Mix concrete.
    Following the instructions on the label, pour in water and Post Mix concrete into the hole. Mix with a piece of wood.
  10. Smooth the surface.
    Using a trowel, smooth the surface of the concrete downward, so that water flows away from the post.
  11. Let dry.
    Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes, or as long as stated on the label. It should be completely dry before you proceed. Once dry, remove the supporting props.
  12. Reattach the fence panels.
    Follow the instructions from step 5 in the next section to reattach the panels to the fence post.

How to fix a broken fence panel

If the panel you’ll be repairing has only fallen down due to strong winds and is not otherwise damaged, you can skip the first steps and just secure it back onto the posts. If, however, it has been broken or has rotted, you’ll need to switch it for a new one. Here is how to replace a fence panel:

  1. Detach the panel from the fence posts.

    Follow the instructions from step 1-3 in the previous section to detach the panel frame from the posts on either side.

  2. Remove the old panel.

    Have a friend or family member help you, as panels are large and can be heavy.

  3. Mark where the nails will go.

    On the new panel, mark where you want the nails to go with a pencil. Space them out evenly.

  4. Drill pilot holes.

    To prevent the nails from splitting the wood, drill pilot holes into the frame. They will guide the nails in, as well.

  5. Nail the panel frame to the fence post.

    Make sure the panel has been levelled. You can do this with the help of bricks laid underneath it and a spirit level. Then, hammer galvanised nails into the pilot holes, securing the panel to the fence post.

How to fix a sagging gate

Wooden gates can sag over time. If you’re having issues with a sagging gate, there is a simple solution. Just use a gate repair kit. It contains everything you need – metal brackets, mounting nails, wire cables and a turnbuckle.

  1. Mount a bracket to the upper corner.
    Make sure you mount it on the hinge side of the gate, otherwise it won’t work.
  2. Attach the second bracket.
    Secure the second bracket diagonally to the lower corner of the gate.
  3. Attach cables.
    Attach the cables to each of the brackets.
  4. Secure loose ends to the turnbuckle.
    Attach the loose ends of the wire cables to each end of the turnbuckle.
  5. Tighten the turnbuckle.
    To lift the gate, tighten the turnbuckle and watch it work its magic.

Sometimes if the damage is too extensive, it’s better to remove the old structure entirely and erect a new fence instead. The new fence panels and posts will be strong and not worn out by harsh climate conditions.

In need of fence repair?

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  • If your fence post has minor damage, you can reinforce it using metal brackets. If the damage is more severe, you’ll need to replace it.
  • Always wear protective gear when working.
  • Make sure your panels have been levelled before securing them to the posts.
  • You can fix a sagging gate easily by using a simple gate repair kit.


Did you find this information helpful? Did you manage to repair your damaged fence? Let us know in the comments below!

Image source: shutterstock / C5 Media

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