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How to Get Rid of Bugs in the House


With the coming of summer, there is a greater chance for your house and outdoor space to become a meeting spot for all kinds of uninvited bugs. Some of them will only bother you only in summer, while others are an all-year-round problem. In both cases, however, it’s good to act quickly and make sure they don’t find your property appealing. Read on to find out how to get rid of bugs in the house.

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In this article, the Fantastic Services team will list the most common household bugs that would plague your life and give a few quick pointers on how to get rid of bugs in the house and keep them away for good.

How to get rid of house flies

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Flies often are the number one annoyance when it comes to house pests. They’ll fly inside your house, crawl everywhere, wake you up early in the morning and generally be a big annoyance. Keeping flies away would need some early precautions.

Why do they invade?

Flies are attracted to sugar and waste. No doubt that at least once in your life you’ve seen flies going crazy around a dead animal, faecal matter or piles of garbage. Often they would lay their eggs around rotting organic matter. When left in peace long enough, the place would be crawling with maggots.

Damages by flies

Because flies generally spend their lives around waste, they are very effective disease transmitters. It’s proven that the ordinary housefly is able to carry 65 diseases that could infect humans, including tuberculosis, leprosy, typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera and many others.

What you can do

Cleanliness is key to keeping flies away. If you ever notice the presence of too many flies inside or around your home, chances are there’s a ground zero. This could be a rotting animal corpse, faecal matter, to lots of organic garbage dumped in one place. Do some investigating to find the source and dispose of it.

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How to get rid of mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes have the ability to make the second half of your summer a complete hell. They aren’t annoying like flies since they’d have to get very close in order for you to hear their buzz. But when they do, it’s hard to properly enjoy your pleasant activities.  

Why do they invade?

As you can guess, mosquitoes come to feed on your blood. Once August comes (sometimes even earlier), female mosquitoes will start looking for warm-blooded meals, such as humans and pets. Another thing that attracts them is still freshwater so you might spot them hovering over a rain puddle in your yard or a birdbath.  

Damages by mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are carriers of some of the worst diseases that ever plagued mankind, such as malaria, the Zika virus, the West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and more. While it’s unlikely to get these diseases in the UK, getting repeatedly bitten by uninfected mosquitoes is still unpleasant and could ruin your outing.

What you can do

The most effective way to keep mosquitoes out of your house is to equip your windows with mosquito nets. And while outside, you could make sure there are no bodies of still freshwater around you. Another way to keep them away outside is lighting an incense. Don’t forget to spray your exposed skin with mosquito repellents.

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How to get rid of fleas

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Fleas are not just an annoyance to your pet, but they could also cause a troublesome infestation in your property. They live in fabrics, such as carpets, stored blankets and even clothes. The worst thing about them is that they reproduce extremely fast and the situation can quickly get out of hand.

Why do they invade?

If you have a pet, this could be the most probable cause for a flea infestation. But they can also invade in the most ridiculous ways. For example, a flea egg could have taken a hike on your coat, handbag or suitcase and hatch inside your home. One flea is enough to create a colony.

Damages by flies

Don’t just think of fleas as a nuisance. They are a serious health hazard for your pet. If left for too long, they are able to cause your pet to become anaemic, putting its life in serious danger. Fleas are known to transmit diseases, one of which was the Bubonic plague. Fleas are also known to cause allergic reactions in humans with their bite or when people inhale flea faeces.

What you can do

The best you can do against fleas is to check your pet regularly and pay attention to their scratching behaviour. React as soon as you see the first signs. Fortunately, there are a lot of anti-flea products that can completely remove them from your and your pet’s life.

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How to get rid of bed bugs

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Bed bugs are an all-year-round problem, especially for people living in high-populated areas, such as London and other big cities. They are great survivors and are even able to live outdoors. It’s been observed how a bed bug would crawl on the ceiling above the bed when it’s being treated with a pest control product, and once it’s finished, it would jump back on the bed. Yes, that’s how smart they are.

Why do they invade?

Bed bugs are one of those insects that grew in correlation to the growth of human society. Scientists believe if humans disappear, bed bugs would drastically decrease. So, bed bugs invade to get to you! They usually arrive in your home attached to your clothes, or your luggage, just like fleas do. It’s very easy for bed bugs to invade wooden furniture, too, especially old and used ones.

Damages by bed bugs

Bed bugs aren’t known to carry diseases, however, their bite causes itchy and irritated skin. They could cause skin rashes and allergic reactions. Some people start suffering from upper respiratory problems by inhaling bed bug faeces.

What you can do

Unfortunately, home remedies aren’t going to remove the bed bug infestation. You can’t remove the source of their invasion, because like we said, it’s you. You can thoroughly wash and clean your clothes and suitcases when going back from vacation in order to prevent a possible infestation. The best thing you can do to get rid of them is to contact professional pest controllers.

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How to get rid of wasps

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Wasps won’t just be annoying, but they can bring a great deal of unpleasant caution to your entire summer, especially if they‘ve decided to make their nest on your property. They wouldn’t generally be interested in you, but the sheer proximity is enough to put your household in danger.

Why do they invade?

The reason wasps invade your indoor, or outdoor space is usually because they’re looking for shelter to make their nest. It’s enough to find a place that is shielded from two sides by a stable wall and they will start building. The proximity to food and water is an additional incentive.  

Damages by wasps

Depending on the species, a wasp’s aggressiveness can vary. Unlike bees, wasps are able to sting multiple times. But even one sting is enough to land a person in the hospital if they are allergic to their poison. In the case you don’t have a wasp allergy, there is always a possibility to develop one, so never take a wasp sting lightly.

What you can do

It’s advisable to never attempt to remove a wasp nest on your own. Call your local council or hire professional pest controllers to do this for you. For prevention, you could buy a fake wasp nest from your local garden shop and hang it near your property. Wasps are highly territorial so they won’t make their nest near another colony.

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How to get rid of ants


Ants will mostly be a nuisance to your picnic, but they could also invade your kitchen while looking for food. They are a methodic enemy that never ceases to amaze people with their almost military-like organisation Let’s face it, they are impressive.

Why do they invade?

Ants are entirely drawn by food. Any food at all. When a worker ant finds your picnic basket, it goes back to the ant colony while leaving a pheromone trail that the others can follow, just like breadcrumbs. This way other ants would stop their own search and follow the trail to the food source.

Damages by ants

Ants aren’t known to carry diseases, so they’re not a health hazard. However, they are capable of causing structural damage. The ants found in the UK don’t dig tunnels in wood like termites, or carpenter ants, but are known to make cracks wider, which can pose a risk over long periods of time. They can also do a lot of damage electric cables, which poses a risk for blackouts.

What you can do?

The best way to prevent an ant infestation is by not leaving any food out in the open for any period of time. You can sweep and mop up the floor in case there is any pheromone trail on it. If that isn’t enough and you still got infested, check this post on how to get rid of ants in the kitchen.

How to get rid of spiders


There is a huge number of people in the world suffering from severe arachnophobia. And, with good reason – our prehistoric ancestors have often found their end thanks to a poisonous spider bite. Nowadays, most house spiders aren’t as dangerous, but they still have the ability to be a huge nuisance.

Why do they invade?

Spiders find refuge in your home due to a number of factors. In winter, they’ll find shelter in your property. They are drawn to the abundance of food, which in their case is other insects. Yes, spiders might be unsightly to see in your home, but they will do a great job in ridding you of other more annoying bugs such as flies, mosquitoes, even cockroaches.

Damages by spiders

There are a few poisonous spiders found in Europe, however, they are far from causing human fatalities. The biggest damage, European spiders could cause is psychological, in case the person has severe arachnophobia or general distaste of spiders.

What you can do

The more often you vacuum your home, the less likely it would be to find a spider. You can use a commercial spider control product and spray around. Also, cats tend to scare spiders away, so if you plan to get a cat, this is another good reason for it.

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How to get rid of carpet beetles

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Imagine taking a good look at your carpet and realize there are numerous tiny maggots between the fibres. Yes, carpet beetles can cause this horror show out of nowhere and you certainly don’t want this.

Why do they invade?

Carpet beetles find their way inside your home for one simple reason – food and reproduction. The adult carpet beetle would find a way through an open door, window, or cracks in the wall and nest in your favourite natural fibre carpet, where it would lay eggs. Then, it would just fly away.

Damages by carpet beetles

The larvae of the carpet beetle cause the most damage to any natural fibre – wool, cotton, feathers, hair, etc. The adult carpet beetle would be flying around the house and it’s easy to spot. But by the time it’s noticed, the larvae infestations would have done most of the damage.

What you can do

Cleanliness is crucial – frequent hoovering and steam cleaning of your carpets and drapes can destroy any eggs a carpet beetle could have laid. Also, mosquito nets could keep the beetles away. The carpets and other natural fibre blankets you don’t use should be stored in air-tight plastic bags.

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How to get rid of silverfish

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By their looks alone, silverfish are terrifying little critters that seem like they just crawled out of a horror movie. They would infest your home and hide in dark and damp places, such as the bathroom or under the sink in the kitchen. They are rapid breeders, so if you see one, chances are you have a lot more.

Why do they invade?

Like any other insect, silverfish invade for shelter, moisture, food and safety. They hide in places with lots of clutter, especially with paper and starch materials. You can mostly find them in the bathroom, the kitchen under the sink, or the attic or basement if there is enough clutter.

Damages by silverfish

Silverfish aren’t dangerous to humans, however, since they eat a lot of paper, they are capable of destroying books. Many people have found silverfish buried in starchy food packets, which contaminates the food and makes it inedible.

What you can do

Silverfish find their way in your home through cracks in the building structure, so blocking their entry points should be the first thing to do. Reducing the humidity in the air can help a lot. Additionally, removing clutter and keeping starchy food packets securely closed should make the place more inhospitable for the silverfish.

How to get rid of woodworm

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The woodworm is a beetle which, similar to the carpet one, enters your home and lays eggs where the larvae can start eating immediately after it has hatched. Those places mostly include wooden furniture. You can easily recognise you have woodworm by the numerous tiny holes in the surface of the wood. There’s also very fine dust around them.

Why do they invade?

Our homes provide safety, shelter, food and water to most insects out there. The woodworm is attracted by your wooden furniture. The beetle itself isn’t dangerous. You could easily spot it buzzing around your home.

Damages by woodworm

Depending on the size of the infestation, damages can vary, but if left untreated, the woodworm larvae could damage any furniture irreparably.

What you can do

The best way to get rid of the woodworm is to remove the infected piece of furniture from your home. This way you can be sure it doesn’t spread to others. You can also install a fly lamp to attract any woodworm beetles still roaming about.

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How to get rid of cockroaches


Just like bed bugs, the cockroach population is growing along with the human population. Unfortunately, the more humans there are, the more cockroaches there will be. They thrive thanks to our way of life. Cockroaches are another all-year-round problem.

Why do they invade?

Cockroaches are attracted to food and water. If you have any leftover food laying on various surfaces, they will notice and invade. Same if you have a leaky pipe somewhere, they will notice and invade. If your rubbish bin hasn’t been emptied in a long time, they will find it and treat it as their personal groceries store.

Damages by cockroaches

The first damage you will notice from a cockroach infestation would be the smell. Cockroaches have a very distinct pungent smell that would only intensify if you squish one under your foot. Cockroach droppings have been known to cause allergies. But the biggest damage they do is psychological – most people are severely disgusted.

What you can do

Keeping all your food in the fridge is a great first step to keep cockroaches away. Next, you should make sure there is no still water anywhere in your home and no leaky pipes. It’s also advisable to empty and sanitize your rubbish bin as often as you can.

Cockroaches keep coming back? Perhaps it’s time for a professional to handle the infestation. Learn more about what pest control solutions we have to offer!

How to get rid of moths

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If you hear a silent flutter through the air followed by a click caused by an exoskeleton smashing into a lightbulb, then you have a moth at home. And chances are that there probably more of them. So, check your clothes for eggs as this is the most important sign of a possible infestation.

Why do they invade?

Moths typically come through your windows or open doors. They’re good at hiding and their goal is usually either your wardrobe or your kitchen cabinets. The reason is again, you guessed it – food.

Damages by moths

Clothes moths will lay their eggs in wool fibres and the larvae would immediately feast on it, causing irreparable damage. Pantry moths will find their way in your kitchen cupboards where you keep your cereals and other grainy food, effectively contaminating it.

What you can do

You can prevent moths from coming in by installing mosquito nets. Additionally, you can scent your wardrobe with lavender or cedar, which are known to repel moths. For the kitchen cupboard, you can set both traps which have proven to be very effective. Place the blankets you’re not using in air-tight plastic bags to protect them.

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How to Get Rid of Bugs in the House

Time needed: 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Getting rid of bugs can be a lot easier with the right prevention measures. So, here are the most important things you can do to not attract any of the nasty critters to your home.

  1. Clean and declutter.

    Some insects, like flies, love waste, while others, like cockroaches, are attracted to the smell of paper and general clutter. In both cases, these insects won’t come if there’s no mess and clutter.

  2. Put all the food away.

    Forgotten leftovers can be an open invitation for every creepy crawly around you. Make sure that everything is stored in the fridge or your kitchen cabinets, especially the pet food.

  3. Cut out possible water sources.

    Freshwater can attract pests of any kind so make sure there is none in the vicinity. Check the health of your pipes and if there are any leaks you need to take care of.

  4. Invest in mosquito nets.

    Installing mosquito nets on every window won’t just keep the mosquitos out, but also many other bugs. It’s natural to keep your windows open during the warmer months. Enjoy the fresh air without letting bugs in.

  5. Repair cracks.

    Since insects are tiny, they would get into your home through lots of tiny cracks in the structure of your property. Do a building inspection on a regular basis and fill in all the troublesome cracks and dents to prevent that.

  6. Store trash properly.

    Make sure your rubbish bin is tightly sealed and emptied as often as possible, especially if there’s food waste in it.

Don’t let uninvited bugs ruin your stay at home. As you can see, there are many easy steps to take in order to make sure they don’t plague your household. Taking precautions on time can make a big difference. But, if the situation is already out of hand and you feel powerless against them, you can always get in touch with the professional pest controllers from Fantastic Services.

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