Rune’s Open Letter to the Editor of The Evening Standard


Rune Sovndahl Open Letter in The Evening Standard

Rune recently wrote to the editor’s section of The Evening Standard. He wanted to talk about an issue that is close to his heart. As the CEO of a business that works with and employs a number of skilled economic migrants, and with so much talk in the papers of BREXIT, he felt it was time to share his opinion on the matter. His letter is an open and honest reflection of his personal experience, when something similar was happening in his country of birth, Denmark. We know that the BREXIT issue isn’t an easy one but Rune’s experience is worth a read if you’re going to be voting in the referendum. Whichever way you choose to vote, we hope you’ll take the time to read his letter:

Danes won’t forget the Maastricht fallout. I am originally from Copenhagen, and as a young man, I experienced first-hand the reaction to Denmark voting “No” in the 1992 Maastricht Treaty — a huge setback in our integration with the EU. The turnout was a huge 83.1 per cent and it was rejected by 50.7 per cent — a figure that is near enough matching the polls here for the EU referendum.

After the vote, there were violent protests on the streets of Copenhagen between activists and the police. When I see the closeness of the polls here on the referendum, I fear the same thing might happen if a Leave vote sneaks in.

If Britain were to come out of the EU the commercial impact on British business would be huge — our growth would be stunted and we’d struggle to find workers that meet the standards we have already. The UK needs Europe just as much as Europe needs the UK.’

Rune Sovndahl, co-founder and CEO, Fantastic Services

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Last update: August 24, 2018

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