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Get the best night’s sleep – with Fantastic and Beddable’s new partnership

Getting Fantastic’s professionals in to handle your housework for you already makes life a lot more relaxing. But what if you could climb into a bed covered with deliciously soft sheets afterwards?

With Beddable, you can! Plus, Fantastic Services’ new partnership with the luxury bedding geniuses means you can now get a massive 20% OFF your first order – simply for being our customer.

However, if you’re a Fantastic Club member, you’re looking at even greater savings – a whopping 35% OFF your order. Depending on the bedding you need, those savings alone could cover your Club membership for months!

Who are Beddable?

Beddable locates the latest in luxurious bedding – sheets, pillowcases, all of the high-quality fabric you need to kit out your sleeping situation – and delivers them straight to your door.

No more hours spent comparing thread counts or wandering high streets to find the best deal. Beddable’s curated bundles of premium cotton bedware arrive quickly and without any messing around.

Plus, they hit that perfect price point between quality and affordability.

Why do we like their bedding?

This stuff is magnificent. If you haven’t slept in premium cotton sheets before, it’s time to give it a try.

Here’s why we love Beddable:

  • They use the highest quality materials – Beddable’s fabric is all 100% premium cotton with a 400 thread count, made in Portugal.
  • They’re affordable – high-quality bedding is never cheap, but Beddable is very affordable. They don’t have any middlemen or retail mark-up getting in the way of keeping their prices cost-effective.
  • You can exchange and return for free – if you’ve ordered the wrong thing, they don’t quibble. You can exchange for free. They also do 30-day returns.

What you get from this Fantastic partnership

Our team-up with Beddable gets you some serious savings on your first order:

  • If you’re a Fantastic client – 20% OFF.
  • If you’re a Fantastic Club member – 35% OFF.

All you need to do is spend £100 or more on your order. The offer is valid until 4th October 2020, so you’ve got some time!

How to get your money off Beddable

All you need to do to access the 20% discount is log into your Fantastic account and head over to the Fantastic Treats page.

When you’re part of the Fantastic Club though, your savings really start piling up. To get your bigger Beddable discount as a member, you need to:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account.
  2. Locate your Fantastic Treats page including all partner offers.
  3. Note down or copy-and-paste the code.
  4. Use it when you place a qualifying order with Beddable.

Join the Fantastic Club today!

Join the club today and start benefiting from big bonuses like this tomorrow.

We’ve already had money off beer and artisan coffee, in-home massages and beauty treatments, on-demand dry cleaning services and more. That’s on top of the other fantastic benefits of being a member!

Get in touch today if you need to know more about it. Or simply sign up today.

Heather Image Source: Beddable

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