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Organise and Declutter – with Fantastic’s partnership with You Need a Vicky

Our latest partnership is a match made in heaven if your home needs a serious tidy, organise or declutter.

If you’ve got a busy work or home life – or are just struggling with the order in your home at the moment – this is the ideal combination to give you a little nudge back on track.

You Need a Vicky are international professional organisers. They’ll help you move home (unpacking/packing your belongings), reorganise a room (or your whole house), perhaps your wardrobe or minimise your living space and lifestyle – and a whole lot more! 

If that sounds like something you need, now is the perfect time to try it. With Fantastic’s latest partnership, you’ll get 10% OFF your first booking.

Who are You Need a Vicky?

Have you ever dreamed of going away on holiday while your next house move is handled for you? That’s the sort of service which You Need a Vicky provides.

You book a day of organising. You set the goals. This might be to make your home more minimalist, sort out and institute a system for your paperwork, declutter and reorganise any room – from children’s playrooms to your kitchen…

The You Need a Vicky team has already helped people here in the UK and around the world in France, America and the Middle East sort their lives out – literally!

Why do we like them?

At some point, everyone Needs a Vicky. Even the Fantastic Services office team. And we’re some of the better organisers you’ll find (even if we do say so ourselves)!

Between us, just talking in the office, we instantly came up with about twenty recent occasions when we wish our partnership with You Need a Vicky had already been up and running…

We like them because they do a whole range of things which they adapt to your personal needs:

  • Decluttering your messiest rooms
  • Sorting your things ready to be placed in temporary storage
  • Setting up accommodation while your home is being refurbished
  • Organising your next house move
  • Preparing your home for your new baby
  • Organising your wardrobe
  • Preparing your home so it’s organised ready for your studies or home working

What you get from this Fantastic partnership

Get 10% OFF your first booking with You Need a Vicky. Simply by being a member of the Fantastic Club!

How to get your discount from You Need a Vicky

As long as you’re a member of the Fantastic Club, all you need to do to claim your discount is:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account.
  2. Locate your Fantastic Treats page.
  3. Find the You Need a Vicky offer and the voucher code.
  4. Use it on your first order from their website. 

Join the Fantastic Club today!

It’s a great way to get more great special deals just like this one. Join the club now and you’ll see new offers on your Fantastic Treats page on a regular basis.

Even in the past few weeks we’ve had discounts on delicious Belgian chocolates, adventurous days out, in-home massage sessions, amazing wines, healthy meals delivered to your doorstep and much more besides.

Who knows what there could be in the future! Log in now to see what you get.

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