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Our homes are precious to us and spending time taking care of them can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also add value to the property. This is why we've created a series of blogs to help you address minor and major issues that your home may be faced with before they become even bigger problems. These can range from fireproofing your home to unclogging blocked sinks that can release unpleasant odours in your kitchens and bathrooms. For these and other home improvement-related topics, have a look at our blog posts below. They’ll give you great tips on some of the top home improvement strategies for your home.

Most recent articles in Home Improvement

  • How to Fix a Toilet that Won’t Flush

    Not being able to flush the toilet in the morning will not just ruin your day but probably your whole week. The sooner you deal with the issue, the better. If you don’t believe you can handle this job on your own, you can always hire a professional. Licensed plumbers charge on an hourly basis. But

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  • Induction vs Gas Hobs – Pros and Cons

    Cooking is an important everyday activity, and there’s no reason why we can’t make it as enjoyable as possible. For many, this might mean choosing just the right kitchen hob. However, professionals and home cooking enthusiasts may get caught in a whirlpool of questions. The biggest ones? Gas

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  • How to Bleed a Radiator

    If you’ve noticed that your radiator takes a lot longer to heat up the room or you are feeling cold spots, there is probably some air trapped inside and you will need to bleed your radiator. Keep reading to find out how to remove air from radiator! Fortunately, it’s not a hard task t

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  • How to Fit a Mixer Shower

    So, you’ve decided to give your bathroom a mini-makeover with a new shower mixer. Awesome - a new unit can make all the difference both visually and practically. Now, you’ve probably started asking yourself questions like... “How do you install the thing? It’s got to be difficult. ”

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  • Ceramic vs Induction Hobs – What’s the Difference?

    If you have decided to change things up in your kitchen, you might be thinking of replacing your old hob. You’re probably asking yourself some big questions. Should you go for a ceramic or induction hob? What’s the difference, anyway? Which is better? Well, let us put your mind to rest! In this

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  • How to Fix a Dripping Tap

    Leaking or dripping taps can be a serious issue in daily life. Not only do they produce an annoying sound, but the leaking can also result in wastage of 3 gallons of water every day. One day, you’ll realise your water bills are rising and what you are paying for is simply draining out. 

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