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Our homes are precious to us and spending time taking care of them can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also add value to the property. This is why we've created a series of blogs to help you address minor and major issues that your home may be faced with before they become even bigger problems. These can range from fireproofing your home to unclogging blocked sinks that can release unpleasant odours in your kitchens and bathrooms. For these and other home improvement-related topics, have a look at our blog posts below. They’ll give you great tips on some of the top home improvement strategies for your home.

Most recent articles in Home Improvement

  • Can You Paint Over Wallpaper?

    Updating your room with some fancy and intricate wallpaper can be a fun and creative interior design solution. But what happens when it gets old, you have new furniture and they don’t go well together, or you just don’t like the wallpaper anymore? (more…)

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  • Why Does My Oven Keep Tripping the Electricity?

    RCD short for a residual-current device is a tool that instantly breaks an electric circuit to prevent serious harm from an ongoing electric shock. Basically, it can save you from a severe electricity attack. When the RCD or as some call it - fuse, trips and the culprit for that is your electrical appliance, in this case, your oven, it will be as a result of either a dead short or earth leakage. This means that the RCD will trip every time you turn the appliance on. (more…)

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  • How to Open a Smoke Alarm

    It may sound like a silly question but surely not everyone has a clue about how to open their smoke alarm, be it because they want to find why it’s been beeping like crazy in the middle of the night or because the battery needs changing. (more…)

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  • Is Your House Haunted or Just Draughty?

    During this spooktacular season, the barrier between the land of the living and the land of the dead is said to be at its weakest. This allows spirits to exert more influence over the physical world and you may notice an increase in strange happenings throughout your house. (more…)

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  • How to Pressure Test Your Plumbing

    From washing our dishes and clothing to taking a relaxing bubble bath, we rely on our plumbing system each and every day to help us with most of our domestic duties and to simply relax. But your plumbing has needs of its own – it requires steady water pressure to function correctly. (more…)

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