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How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

We all love that festive cheer, light, and spirit that the Christmas holidays bring. Have you already decorated your Christmas tree? Or maybe you are about to do it any day now? Whatever it is, putting the lights on the Christmas tree is perhaps the most difficult and time-consuming part of the process. So, we have prepared this article to answer the question of how to put Christmas lights on a Christmas tree correctly and get ready for the holiday season.

Table of Contents:

Read on if you’d like to learn:

  • How many lights do you need for a Christmas tree;
  • What are the different types of Christmas lights;
  • How to hang lights on a real and artificial Christmas tree;
  • How to hang Christmas tree lights safely.

How many lights do you need for a Christmas tree

The answer to this question depends on the size of the tree. The bigger the Christmas tree the more lights you’ll need. Most experts recommend around 100-150 mini lights per foot. Maybe you already have lights available from previous years or have purchased brand new ones. Either way, make sure to plug them in before hanging them on the tree to check if they are properly working. It’ll be very unfortunate to put up all the lights only to find out they are actually faulty. 

It’s good advice to keep the lights on while hanging them since this way, you will have an overall idea of how the finished result will look like.

Types of Christmas lights

There are different types of Christmas lights to consider when making your choice. The most common and popular ones are:

  • Mini string lights
  • We have all had this type of beautiful, twinkling lights on our Christmas trees at one point or another. They are the most popular and widely spread Christmas lights. Mini string lights come in many different colours and are quite easy to handle.

  • LED Christmas Tree lights
  • Their popularity is growing since they are durable and significantly more efficient than the traditional Christmas lights. LED lights have a warm light and produce a specific colour.

  • Large bulb lights
  • They are also a traditional choice. Large bulb lights come in different colours and are suitable if you prefer moderate to low light.

  • Icicle Lights
  • They are generally one main string to which many other light-covered strings are attached. Icicle lights are also very beautiful. They are usually suitable for outside decoration, but could easily be used to put on a Christmas tree, as well.

How to hang lights on a real Christmas tree

First, you should choose the lights you prefer to use for the Christmas tree decoration process.  Hanging lights on a real Christmas tree is a bit tricky and time-consuming. 

Determine how many lights you’ll need based on your tree size (100-150 lights per foot of your tree). Do not wrap the lights around the tree but instead weave them around it in triangular sections. Begin from the top and work your way to the bottom. 

Keep the lights plugged in to make sure they look exactly how you wish and imagine. Be careful not to twist the lights since this can create a lot of hassle and make a generally positive and pleasant experience a tad bit annoying.

Check our comprehensive guide on how to flock a Christmas tree and pair it with some lights for an outstandingly beautiful tree for the festive season!

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Hanging lights on an artificial Christmas tree

The process is very similar to hanging lights on a real Christmas tree. Start by deciding what and how many lights you need and want. Then, wrap the lights around the different sections of the tree. If you secure them well enough, you can even leave them like that and be ready for the next holiday season as well. Again, keep the lights on while hanging them on the tree, so you have an idea of how they look and if you fancy the results. 

Safety tips on hanging Christmas tree lights

  • Always plug the lights in to test if they are working before hanging them on the tree;
  • Use LED lights instead of traditional lights. The latter are covered with glass and heat up easily, while the LED lights are safer because of the sturdier lenses used to cover them;
  • Make sure the wattage of the lights you use is the same. Also, consider the maximum wattage capacity of the house circuit you plug them into;
  • Dispose of any old Christmas lights.
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If you don’t feel confident in your ability to decide what is the best tree size to choose for your property, or you simply don’t have the time to do everything by yourself, you can always trust the Fantastic professionals to help you out. We can deliver and install real premium grade Nordmann Fir or pot-grown Norway Spruce trees. After the holidays are over, we can also handle the removal and disposal of the tree.


There are a few important things to consider when hanging your Christmas tree lights:

  • Decide what kind of lights you like and prefer;
  • What tree you have – a real one or an artificial one;
  • Check how big the tree is – the unwritten rule is to have 100-150 lights per foot of your tree.
  • Always plug in the lights before hanging them on the tree to make sure they are working;
  • Follow all safety tips and recommendations to ensure your and your family and home’s safety.


image source: shutterstock / 3523studio

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