Moving and Packing Tips

Last-minute Things to Remember When Moving House

No, this is not another moving checklist article.

You’re relocating, and you’ve got everything under control. All your furniture and personal belongings are almost packed. You’ve taken the time to label boxes and bags in the most easy-to-decipher way, so there are no ‘ifs’ and ‘what’s’ at a later point when trying to locate things in your new home.

You’ve done all the admin tasks of redirecting your mail, transferring utility accounts and arranging for an end-of-tenancy cleaner to come and spruce up the place. You’ve hired reputable movers to help you out. But there are always things we forget to do and don’t plan for in advance that emerges at the last minute or bug us when it’s too late.

So, read on if you wish to get some final moving tips that can make the experience even less stressful. We’ll cover some easy-to-forget actions on your part in the hope that this will prompt you further to really plan your relocation, so you don’t miss doing something important along the way. And for a truly detailed moving-out checklist, have a look at our moving-home checklist, which is packed with lots of handy tips that will simply make things so much easier for you.

What should I do on the last day before I move?

Right then, you’re nearly done with the packing, and just the odd item is lying around still in its respective box. And yet, you feel confident and in control that things are going smoothly and in the way you’ve anticipated. 

Well, wait for a second! Maybe, there are a few loose ends left to tie up or some other things to remember when moving. 

Let’s see! The most essential things to do before moving:

1. Pack electronic devices with their respective cables

Not yet? Then, do so if you don’t want to go through the nightmare of working out what connects or charges what from the pile of tangled-up cables. Colour-label various components and connectors that correspond to the actual piece of equipment if you intend to pack more than one device in the same box.

2. Measure door frames

Why should you do such a silly thing, you ask? Because of your furniture, of course. Many tenants don’t know their sofa won’t fit through the door until moving day comes. Spare yourself from headaches and prepare in advance. Maybe even dismantle the sofa, to make it easier to move, because otherwise, you’re going to have a bad time.

3. Don’t forget to unearth some hidden personal treasures from boxes in the attic 

Let’s go back a few days! When decluttering your home and clearing the basement, attic or some storage unit, did you carefully check the contents of boxes and drawers? There’s nothing worse than discovering later on that you’ve accidentally discarded your son’s hospital identification wristband from when he was born. Yep, you simply thought it was placed for safekeeping elsewhere.

4. Organise a farewell get-together for your kids and their friends

It’s only fair, right? Adults and their adult world. We all ensure that we part properly with our friends and colleagues, especially if we move to a different city or country. But what about our children and their friends? There’s never time for it. It’s the least of our priorities. And more often than not, it doesn’t even cross our minds to address this particular type of emotional need that our kids most certainly have.

5. Leave the garage key behind

This also happens far too often. You’ve neatly prepared all sets of keys to hand to the landlord or estate agent. You’ve even bothered to write a handy list for the new tenants or prospective homeowners with important details, such as meter readings, contact numbers of service providers, etc. And then, you suddenly find out, once in your new place, that you’ve left the future occupants of your old house without access to the garage or shed.

6. Leave a shovel handy for that garden plant you want to take with you

Well, you’ve made well in advance the decision to take with you some precious and expensive plants that have been thriving in your garden. So, don’t make the mistake of packing all your gardening tools before digging out the beauties first. It’s easily done, trust us! And then, you simply change your mind with regret, as who needs to be searching for the shovel among everything else at the last minute?

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7. Commemorate the new chapter in your life with a snapshot

Or why not even shoot a short video on your last day in the house? Make those last memories of the place by recording your daughters saying goodbye to the neighbours’ cat, your hubby doing a final watering of the flowerbeds or yourself giving a hug to the old pear tree. You will appreciate these visual special moments one day, for sure!

Common things people forget when moving

And here are just a few extra things to remember, no matter how minute or mundane they may seem to be.

  • Retrieve items you’ve lent to people that you really need back – This could be your favourite CD album or your red Cashmere jumper you gave temporarily to your sister. If you don’t want to part with those, ask for them in advance.
  • Prepare pet utensils for your dog during the move – Well, cats may endure a long ride without the need to eat or drink, but doggies usually get thirsty. And a paper coffee cup from the petrol station simply won’t do.
  • Collect hidden spare keys from under that loose brick – Yes, don’t put the property at risk of opportunistic access one day, even if this won’t be any of your concerns in the future. Not all new tenants change the lock immediately, and they won’t thank you if someone finds that spare key under the rock near the front door.
  • Return back borrowed books, be it to a friend or the library – Again, this is often the last thing on your mind amid the whole preparation of moving and packing. But you’d like your things returned back, right? So, others would, too.

Make your moving experience Fantastic

We’re not just good at drawing up moving guides and dishing out tips. We can actually help you move in the most stress-free way possible. From delivering all the moving boxes and packaging materials to helping you pack your possessions, Fantastic Services can organise the entire relocation process for you and even take care of the cleaning.

We work with experienced and insured moving experts who can provide our removals and storage services with your complete satisfaction in mind, regardless of whether you’re moving across London, to a new city or even to a different country in the EU.

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  • We often forget to do seemingly insignificant things when relocating, which later on can play on our minds;
  • Be thoughtful of your kids’ personal needs as they also go through the life-changing stress of moving houses and parting with their friends;
  • Treasure your old life’s good times and memories while embracing the new future!


How did your last move work out? Did you forget anything behind? Do you have some tips of your own for an easier relocation? Then, please, share them with our readers in the comments below!

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