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Leaving Windows Open at Night: Security Tips

When the weather in the UK gets warmer in the summer months, the police see an increase in burglaries throughout the country. One of the reasons for this is people leaving their windows open at night to get some cold air in. There’s even a name for these sort of cases in the UK  –  “unforced burglaries”. This spike in break-ins usually lasts a few months, starting in May and ending around the end of September(sometimes earlier, depending on how cold the weather is). The worst part about these burglaries is that they usually occur when the victim is sleeping in bed.

If you want to prevent this from happening to you, we have you covered. In this post, you’ll learn how to utilise certain security tricks when leaving a window open at night and much more.

So if you:

  • Have become a victim of a break-in and want to improve your security;
  • Want to prevent a break-in from happening due to an open window;
  • Want to be able to safely leave an open window during the night;

Then this post is for you!

Table of Contents:

Is sleeping with an open window at night dangerous?

The short answer is yes, sleeping with an open window is dangerous, especially if it’s an easily accessible one.

Open windows are like an open invitation to any burglar in the vicinity. So, the more windows left open at night, the higher the chances of your home getting burglarized.

We know that the summer heat can sometimes be unbearable and that an open window can make all the difference. However, leaving the window open at night is only safe if your room is located on the second or third floor, where the windows are hard to reach from the outside.

Do insurance companies cover open window break-ins?

Most insurance companies will not reimburse you if you leave your windows open at night and your house gets burglarized due to this. However, bear in mind that home insurance policies vary from company to company, so be sure to check the fine print on yours. Here you’ll be able to see if your policy demands you to keep your windows secured or not.

How to improve the security of your open windows?

There are a few ways one can secure their open window to avoid break-ins.

Window security bars

Securing your window with bars is probably the most effective way of keeping anyone from breaking into your property while the window’s open at night. However, before you go putting up bars on your windows, first consult your fire code. Window bars can cause serious life-threatening situations, if a fire breaks out.

Therefore it’s recommended that you install special safety bars on the inside of your window, which in the case of a fire can be taken apart easily with the push of a quick-release lever. Just make sure that this mechanism is farther away from the window so that a burglar won’t be able to reach in and activate the release.

Window restrictors / ventilation window locks

Window restrictors are a type of safety device that prevents your window from opening more than a fixed distance. This distance is normally set at 10 cm so that it can prevent anyone from going in or out through the window.

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Window sash stops

If you have a sliding sash window you can easily fit it with a lockable sash stop, which will allow you to leave a 10 cm gap for ventilation while locking the window in place. So, if you really want to leave the window open at night to get some fresh air, a sash stop is the way to go, especially if you have the type of window that supports it. Just remember to lock your windows completely when you’re leaving the house.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors detect when someone is moving around the room that it’s installed in. It works by sensing the movement and body heat of the person who passes nearby. Once it senses movement, the sensor activates the alarm. So, installing one on a wall close to a window that you like to leave open at night is a great way of improving your security.

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Most common burglary entry points

The most common entry points for burglars are the following (the order is from most popular to less popular):

  • Front door – Burglars either just take advantage of the fact that you’ve left your door open, lock pick or snap the lock;
  • First-floor window – Since first-floor windows are easily accessible, they’re a pretty popular entry point for burglars;
  • Back door – Same as with the front door, the back one is also a common point of entry for robbers;
  • Garage door – An unlocked garage door is an easy way for anyone to enter your property if the garage has access point to it on the inside;
  • Basement – Although rare, some burglars try to enter houses through the basement;
  • Unlocked areas such as sheds, and storage;
  • Second-floor window – Only the most daring of robbers will try to break in through a second-floor window;

So make sure to safeguard these areas, to reduce the chances of your home getting burglarized. The professional locksmiths that Fantastic Services work with can help you choose and install the most suitable window locks and security furniture to keep your property safe at night.

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  • Never leave your windows completely open at night.
  • Take advantage of window security systems to keep your home safe from burglars.
  • Open windows are the second most common point of entry for burglars.

Did you find this post helpful? Did you manage to choose your best option on how to protect your windows at night? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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