Pest Problems

Our homes are precious to us and are arguably our most treasured investments. Having an unfriendly pest infest your home or garden can not only be unhygienic but can also cause severe damage. From moths to squirrels and bed bugs, these pests can be very troublesome and ruin some of your favourite household items. That’s why we’ve dedicated a special set of blogs to this topic. We’ll show you how to handle those pesky moths and how to get rid of them for good. In addition, you’ll find out about how to keep your lawn in one piece and out of the maddening antics of squirrels who love to dig it up. For these and other topics, check out our blog posts below.

Most recent articles in Pest Problems

  • How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Blankets

    Bed bugs are notorious for their tendency to feast on human or animal blood, as their prey soundly sleeps. They are elusive to detect and even harder to kill. They are known to be very good at hiding. As we are speaking, the bloodsucking insect can be moving house underneath your wallpaper, in your shoes, on your mattress, pillows or... your blanket. (more…)

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