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How Sturdy Office Move Boxes Can Save You Time and Money

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Transitioning to a new office setting can be thrilling at first, but it can easily become a chaotic puzzle when inadequate packing supplies cannot hold your belongings. Witnessing documents scatter from ripped boxes and delicate tools plummeting to a shattering end is a nightmare no employer wishes to face.

Since you cannot not relocate the office when your lease agreement is up, there is one very simple thing you can do to save yourself a great deal of headaches, and that is to invest in sturdy, reliable office move boxes. By doing so, you will save yourself not only frustration but also significant amounts of money and time in the long run. Let’s elaborate on all of that now.

Durability equals protection

Flimsy boxes spell disaster when you decide to use them for packing valuables. They’re prone to collapsing, tearing open, or even puncturing, and that’s the last thing you want when you’re moving piles of important paperwork and delicate office machinery like computers, printers, monitors and the sort.

On the other hand, sturdy boxes offer a different experience. They’re built to withstand the rigours of relocation, and the risk of collapse, tearing, or puncturing during transit is much lower. If they’re packed and stacked properly inside the moving van, then you can be sure no harm whatsoever will come to your equipment.

So, how do you recognise sturdy boxes? Always look for those made of thick, corrugated cardboard—the kind that feels solid and robust to the touch. Reinforced edges and double-walled construction are also things you should look for in your office moving boxes.

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Guarantee you will invest only once

Choosing cheap, flimsy boxes for office move might appear as a budget-friendly move at first glance, but it’s a gamble that could cost you dearly down the road. Sure, you might save a few pounds initially, but here’s where the equation gets tricky.

As you already know, low-quality boxes are prone to giving out under pressure, meaning you might end up needing more boxes as replacements than anticipated. That’s not just more money spent; it’s also more time wasted in sourcing replacements and repacking items.

And let’s discuss the thing that’s much more important than the boxes – your inventory. The potential costs of repairing or replacing damaged equipment far outweigh the sum saved on those bargain boxes and frankly, it’s not worth it. Let’s stop and think about this for a second: a cracked laptop screen, a shattered monitor, or a malfunctioning printer are all consequences of inadequate packaging.

These expenses can quickly spiral out of control and will gulp any initial savings, so what’s the point of relocating cheaply when you have to make up for damages later on?

And let’s not forget the disruptions to your business activities that any breakage will likely cause. If crucial equipment arrives damaged or inoperable, you’re looking at downtime, frustrated employees, and possibly even lost revenue. The kind of thing you absolutely don’t want at any time, let alone during or after office relocation.

Save your back some pain.

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Save your back some pain.

Book professional office movers today!

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Efficiency in packing and unpacking

Since sturdy boxes for office move can handle more weight without buckling under pressure, you can pack heavier items without fear of the box giving out mid-move. That feeling itself is priceless when you have a wide assortment of office items which you want delivered in the same condition as you first packed them.

Uniform box sizes also play a very important role in efficiency. When all your boxes are the same size, you can stack them neatly and maximise space in moving vans or storage units. This not only simplifies the loading and unloading process but also makes organisation a breeze. No more struggling to fit mismatched boxes together like a frustrating puzzle—everything fits snugly, leaving no wasted space.

One helpful tip is to ensure you label each box with clear, descriptive tags indicating its contents and designated room. This is how to organise boxes for moving office properly. This practice not only assists movers in placing boxes correctly but also simplifies the unpacking process. You’ll be able to locate items swiftly without having to search through multiple cardboard boxes, which will save you plenty of time.

Additionally, you need to use some strategy when packing and you do that by grouping similar items together and packing them in the same box. This not only simplifies the unpacking process later at your new office but also reduces the risk of damage since you place fragile items in a separate box and not in with the heavy ones.

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Reusability reduces costs

When it comes to office storage boxes made from cardboard, durability isn’t the only perk—reusability is also a major advantage. You can use them in your next office move and even the one afterwards. And if you’re not planning another move for a few years, you can always fill the boxes of items you rarely use and place them in storage.

On another note, if your company is concerned about the environment, and quite frankly, it should be, you will be delighted to learn that many of these moving boxes are made from recycled materials. And when their journey ends, either they finally tear, or you just no longer need them, they can be recycled again.

So, how can you recycle them after use? One option is to locate a nearby recycling facility that accepts cardboard and drop them off there. Some communities even offer curbside recycling programs for cardboard boxes. Alternatively, you can repurpose them for storage or donate them to organisations in need of packaging materials.

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We can provide the right boxes for your office move!

At Fantastic Services, we recognise that office relocation can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer specialised office relocation services to meet your specific needs and ease the stress of moving.

One of the main benefits of our service is our commitment to providing the right boxes for your office relocation. We understand that not all boxes are the same, especially when it comes to moving important office supplies. That’s why we offer reinforced boxes on the bottom edges, specially designed to keep your luggage safe and to withstand the challenges of moving.

Additionally, our various box sizes allow for easy access to housing for documents, office supplies and computer equipment. However, our mission does not end there.

We also offer a variety of other services to simplify your office relocation, from packing and labelling to loading and unloading, the teams we work with handle every aspect of the moving process in a professional and efficient manner.

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  • Regular boxes can collapse and tear, whilst study moving boxes are much tougher and will contain your items during office relocation;
  • Uniform boxes come in handy because you can stack them to maximise space in moving vans or storage units;
  • Office move boxes can be used numerous times thanks to their sturdy construction, but they can also be easily recycled.
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