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Can You Put Artificial Turf on a Deck?

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Decks are a great addition to any garden, but over time, they can become discoloured and rough. That’s why they require maintenance, which can feel like yet another chore on the never-ending to-do list. That’s why it’s no surprise why so many people chose to install fake turf on their deck.

So, if you:

  • Are wondering if you can lay artificial grass on your deck
  • Want to know about the pros and cons of this endeavour
  • Wonder where to even start from

Then read along…

Can you cover a deck with artificial grass turf?

Yes, you can absolutely lay artificial grass on your deck and it’s not uncommon either. In fact, it’s a great way to renovate your deck and give your garden a more modern and stylish look.

There are also other reasons why you should go with fake turf on your decking:

  • Turf is safer – wood surfaces are hard and become slippery in the autumn and winter months. If you have small children or elderly parents, you always have the risk of somebody slipping, falling and possibly injuring themselves.
  • Low maintenance – as already mentioned, with fake turf on your deck, you will never again have to sand, paint, seal or varnish. A good brushing every once in a while is quite enough for the artificial lawn to look fresh and neat.
  • It’s durable – wood surfaces can warp, splinter and fade from all the weather conditions and concrete can crumble, crack, sink and rise. But high-quality artificial turf can withstand almost any kind of conditions, thus will remain to look good for a longer period of time.
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Tools for laying fake turf on deck

Laying artificial grass on the deck may be easier than laying it on soil, but you will still need tools to do the job properly. Some of these you already have at home, others you can purchase from any DIY centre. Get a pen out and write down on your shopping list:

  • Deck cleaner
  • Scrub brush
  • Turf adhesive or staples
  • The right amount of grass rolls
  • Utility knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood boards or underlay (more on that a little later)

You can either use tile adhesive or staples to secure the turf to the deck. As long as you leave gaps for drainage, there’s not much of a difference.

How to prepare a deck for turf installation

Like with soil, you also need to prepare your deck for fake turf installation. You do that by following these instructions:

Like with soil, you also need to prepare your deck for fake turf installation. You do that by following these instructions:

  1. Clear your deck of any objects – that includes furniture and plant pots, as well as any pet bowls and toys.
  2. Repair damaged sections – if you notice that any parts are broken or rotten, you will need to replace them before continuing.
  3. Wet the deck – spray it with your garden hose, so the wood absorbs some of the water and the surface feels damp when you touch it.
  4. Apply cleaner – prepare a solution of 1:1 water and deck cleaner and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the deck generously.
  5. Scrub the deck – this way you can get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated over the years.
  6. Rinse the deck – so all chemicals can be removed from the wood. Leave it to dry for 48 hours.
  7. Measure the dimensions of your deck. When you have the exact measurements, add about 5 centimetres (2 inches) to the length and width to allow for some overhang of the turf. You will cut out the excess material later.
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How to lay artificial grass on decking

Before laying your fake turf rolls onto the deck, you should decide on what type of an underlay to use. You can either install water-resistant plywood or a shock pad. In either case, the point is to have a smooth surface, so the grass does not form ridges and grooves by sinking into the gaps between the deck panels.

If you have small children or elderly parents, definitely consider installing shock pads. You can either purchase a single or multi-layered pad, depending on how much protection you want. Mind you, shock pads are not suitable for pets, who like to do their business outside on the lawn. With all that said:

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  1. Roll out the artificial grass underlay.

    Place it on the deck and trim it so it fits the area. Walk over the overlay to make sure it’s completely flat. If you have decided to use boards, remember to drill holes in the boards for drainage.

  2. Unroll the grass.

    Start from one side of the deck and unroll until you reach the other side. Cut the roll to the desired length and lay another roll next to the first one. Continue until the entire deck is covered with grass.

  3. Give your new grass time to settle.

    12 hours or at least overnight is enough time for the grass to adjust to the conditions. Otherwise, it might wrinkle or crease.

  4. Attach the turf to the ground.

    You can either use adhesive or staples. The important part to remember is to apply your preferred method along the seams between the rolls. If you use adhesive, you will need to wait 24 hours for it to fully dry.

  5. Cut off excess turf material along the deck edges.

    Use your utility knife if needed and fit them down as well with pins or nails.

  6. Brush the grass pile.

    Use a stiff brush so the strands stand upright.

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Need help with installing your artificial turf?

If you find the task of installing artificial grass on your deck troublesome, but you still want the deck to look much better than it did before, then take advantage of our turf installation services.

Fantastic Services works with experienced landscapers, who are fully equipped and highly experienced. All you need to do is choose the type of fake lawn you want and they will do the rest. Not only that, but the landscapers we work with can carry out deck repairs if needed.

Call us today and give your deck a Fantastic makeover!

Need a professional?

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  • Prepare your deck by thoroughly cleaning it of any dirt and debris and repairing any damaged parts.
  • Decide whether you will use water-resistant boards or a shock pad to act as an underlay. If you have young children or elderly parents, the latter is highly recommended.
  • Give your fake turf time to adjust to the conditions by leaving it unrolled overnight.
  • Attach the turf to the ground by either using staples or adhesive.


Do you have some more tips on how to lay artificial turf on a deck? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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