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Could Laying New Turf on Old Turf be Successful

laying new turf over old lawn

Shutterstock / By SpeedKingz

New homeowners often consider various home improvement task, including relaying their lawn. One of the most common question on gardening forums often is “Is it possible to lay new turf over the existing lawn?”. The other frequently asked question is “Can you lay grass on concrete?“. Well, there are various opinions on the topic and it all depends on whether you want a quick for, or to establish a healthy, lush grass.

Help in Understanding When Exactly Does Your Lawn’s Grass Stop Growing

Shutterstock/ By Georgii Shipin

You’re wondering when and at what temperature the grass on your lawn goes into a dormant state. Maybe, it’s because you’re yearning to put your lawn mower away after the busy summer gardening season. Or it’s for the opposite reason, you find mowing therapeutic and keep asking yourself if it is still OK to cut your grass in the winter. (more…)