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So you just got a new carpet or rug and spilled a cup of coffee on it? Oh bother. It’s not only frustrating, but it can also be a hassle to deal with. Especially if you don’t know how to address the problem at hand. Worry not because our team of experts is here to provide you with the best tips on dealing with stains and getting rid of them permanently. But that’s not all. Our comprehensive cleaning guide also takes into account other cleaning aspects around the house such as how to clean induction and ceramic hobs the easy way, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing or leaving a mess behind.

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  • How to Clean Grease Off an Oven

    Ah, baking. There is nothing like the smell of a hot roast in the oven or the aroma of a baked good. But we all know what comes with any kind of cooking adventure that involves the use of an oven - sticky, nasty, smelly GREASE! Besides looking nasty, grease spots can actually become a major issue fo

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  • How to Clean Oven Racks Naturally

    Your oven is made of many components and the ones that probably get dirty the easiest, are the oven racks. Of course, there are many cleaning products that you can use. However, most of them are filled with dangerous chemicals that release harmful fumes. So, is there any way to clean oven racks usin

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  • How to Get Coffee Stains out of Carpet

    Who doesn’t love a cup of hot coffee early in the morning? Caffeine tastes so good until it’s splattered all over the floor. Spilling coffee on the carpet is one of the worst things that you never see coming, and yet it happens, especially if you are in a rush. We know that coffee spots are stub

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  • How Often Should You Clean Your Oven

    Cleaning the oven is no easy task and probably not one that you’re looking forward to. However, a pristine cooker is important not only to the quality of your food but to your health, too. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how often they need to give their ovens a deep clean. So, what’s the

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  • How to Clean Oven Trays

    Baking is fun, but do you know what isn’t? The sticky oven tray left after the cooking adventure. Unlike other cookware, oven trays have the nasty habit of collecting numerous types of stains: greasy, sticky, rusty ones, and let’s not forget those burnt spots. What a “pleasant” sight, right?

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  • Cleaning a Freezer Without Shutting It Off

    Cleaning the kitchen is no easy task for anyone and the freezer is perhaps the appliance no one looks forward to dealing with. You could spend all day defrosting and cleaning your freezer, only to end up with some spoiled food and a slippery floor. We know it sounds scary, but fear not! In this post

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