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Oven Cleaning Prices – How Much Does it Really Cost

The oven is probably the one thing in everybody’s home which is mostly ignored when cleaning time comes. It’s no wonder, really. You have to wait until the cleaning solution does its job and then scrub gunk for hours. Even then the good results are not guaranteed. Sometimes you have to do the whole process again and ain’t nobody got time for that.

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However, a clean oven has its benefits. Reduced cooking time, proper appliance function, not to mention the food smell. Carbon-based fumes from burning grime can change how your food tastes and smells, and we can’t have that. If you lack the time, why not just use a professional cleaning service? How much does professional oven cleaning actually cost?

So, if you:

  • Are thinking of having your oven professionally cleaned;
  • Want to know how much it costs;
  • Are wondering what factors influence the price,

Then read on! This article is for you.

Pricing Factors

While we do have a specific set of prices, there are some factors which come into play when forming the final price. Each of these factors is equally important both for calculating your price correctly and estimating how much time the job will take.

  • Unit Type – First we take into consideration your oven type. It might be a single or a double unit. It might also be a range cooker or an AGA. This part is important because the technicians always take apart ovens to clean their parts separately. Knowing the type of oven in advance will help us prepare.
  • Unit Size – Then come sizes. Single ovens are usually 60cm in width, sometimes wider. Range cookers, on the other hand, can be between 90 and 100 centimetres. AGA cookers are a whole different class, having 2 or 4 oven compartments and additional modules. And by the way, always turn down your AGA at least twelve hours before the specialists arrive.
  • Address – Your location is also important. If you live within the M25, the price will be lower as opposed to living outside. Then you will have to pay the so-called congestion fee. Parking space is also a factor to keep in mind. The closer to your property, the better, as the technician needs to move their cleaning equipment.
  • Addition Kitchen Items – After you’ve specified the type of oven, you can include an extractor, splashback, electric or gas hob to your order.
  • Extra – And speaking of extra stuff, you can also have your refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, dishwasher and tumble dryer cleaned professionally as part of the service. After all, why bother wasting your time on these, when you can have someone right there, ready to handle it for you?
  • Combinations – Since Fantastic Services offers a wide variety of cleaning services, you can add those to your oven job. In addition to restoring your range cooker to its former shine, we can also clean your carpets and sofa as part of a combined service.

Prices Table

Appliances typeFantastic Club priceNon-members price
Single Oven, including two racks£55£58
Double oven, including three racks£68£76
Standard hob (4 burners)£22£24
Range Oven (90cm)£95£106

Information taken from our prices page where you can check how much our other services cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s more to oven cleaning prices than meets the eye. People have a lot of additional questions when booking over the phone. We’ve done our best to place those questions here, to make things easier for you.

Q: Why hire professionals if the oven has a self-cleaning option?

The self-cleaning feature is great for burning old food splatters which you can later scrub off easily. However, the problem is you can clean only what you see. The self-cleaning option won’t take care of the vent filters, door glass, or the fan. Eventually, these parts will get dirty and you’d either have to clean them yourself or call in the pros.

Q: How long does a self-cleaning cycle take?

One to three hours depending on the amount grime accumulated. Keep in mind, the oven will get very hot to burn off all the fat and grease inside and a slight odour may be detected as a result. Keep pets away from the kitchen during the self-cleaning cycle. Do not use any commercial cleaning products, the self-cleaning cycle will do the job on its own.

Q: How long does your oven cleaning service take?

Usually, between an hour and two depending on the condition and size of the kitchen appliance. We take everything apart and place the removable parts in a dip tank filled with strong cleansing solution. In the meantime, we clean the inside of the oven manually by applying cleaning products and scraping off grime. Later on, when all the parts such as racks, trays, back panel and fan are cleaned, we put everything back together and check to see if the oven works properly. For more information, visit our professional oven cleaning page.

Q: How often should my oven be cleaned?

While there is no specific time period, it is recommended to clean it every 3 to 6 months. Of course, that depends a great deal on how much you use the cooker. If you cook on a regular basis, chances are that you should have it cleaned more often.

Q: Can you clean between the door glass?

Yes. We disassemble the unit including the oven door. When the door is dismantled, we clean the two glass panels with a special detergent. Although there is a way to clean between oven glass without disassembling the door, we always go the extra mile to achieve the best possible results. Mind you, we are unable to clean sealed oven doors.

Q: How soon can I use my oven after the service?

Right away. The detergents we use are eco-friendly and biodegradable so no toxic fumes will come out of your oven when you switch it on. Still, we advise you to turn it on for 10-15 minutes before putting food inside. This will remove the excess moisture.

Q: Do you do AGA cleaning?

Yes, we clean all cooker types. Whether it has two or four ovens, runs on gas, oil, or electricity, we can clean it. If you need more information about the service, you can visit the AGA cleaning page.

Q: Do you protect the kitchen floor from dripping and splatters?

Yes. We cover the floor with protective sheets so no accidental leakages or spills will ruin your floor or carpet. The Fantastic technicians also put on overshoes upon entering your property.

Q: Do you clean the oven roof/ceiling

Yes. We unscrew the grill, to gain access to the ceiling and then clean it along with the rest of the oven interior.

Q: Can you clean range cookers?

Yes. Our technicians are trained and certified to clean range masters of any size and maker. You can learn more about the range cooker cleaning service by visiting the page.

So, now you know how much professional oven cleaning costs. Feeling ready to book? Contact us today for a free quote!

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  • Prices can vary, depending on the type and size of the oven, where you live, and any other extras you may wish to include.
  • Prices can range from around £47 to £89.
  • Professional oven cleaning can take 1-2 hours.
  • You should aim to get your oven cleaned once every 3-6 months, depending on how much you use it.
  • Failing to clean your oven regularly will reduce the life of your appliance, and can lead to higher oven repair costs.


Got something to add or ask in terms of oven cleaning? Feel free to leave a comment below and we will give you an answer shortly thereafter.

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