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Clean Carpets, Clear Prices: Demystifying Carpet Cleaning Costs

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In the UK, expect to pay £60 to £115 per hour for carpet cleaning. This may sound expensive but consider the advantages. Professionals not only clean carpets efficiently, regardless of the size or layout of your space, but they also use advanced equipment and techniques for a better job.

Now, let’s compare. Renting a machine and cleaning yourself takes all day. It’s easy to overdo it or miss spots. Hiring pros gives you access to their skills and better equipment, so you get much higher-quality results. So, it’s a choice: save money or save time? This guide isn’t just about telling you the average carpet cleaning cost. It’s that, plus all additional questions around it.

How much does a carpet cleaning job cost in UK?

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning, UK carpet cleaning prices vary. Room size, carpet/rug condition, and treatment method affect the price. Still, here are some average carpet cleaning costs that can give you some idea what to expect.

Service per roomAverage cost (GBP)Additional charges
Small bedroom (4m x 4m)£50Stain treatment: £15 per room
Large bedroom (20m2)£45-£50Stain treatment: £15 per room
Stairs and landing£85Stain treatment: £15 per room
Living room (16m2)£36-£40Stain treatment: £15 per room
Open-plan living/dining (36m2)£72-£90Stain treatment: £15 per room
2-bedroom terraced home (64m2)£128-£160Stain treatment: £15 per room
3-bedroom semi-detached (96m2)£192-£240Stain treatment: £15 per room
4-bedroom detached house (147m2)£294-£368Stain treatment: £15 per room
Carpet materialAverage cost (GBP)Additional charges
Rug (Cotton or Synthetic)£22.00 per sqmStain treatment: £15 per room
Rug (Wool)£30.00 per sqmStain treatment: £15 per room
Rug (Viscose/Rayon/Silk)£34.00 per sqmStain treatment: £15 per room
Type of treatmentAverage cost (GBP)Additional charges
Steam carpet cleaning£90-£300Additional charges for special treatments
Dry carpet cleaning£215Additional charges for special treatments
Carpet shampooing£240Additional charges for special treatments

Don’t wait until your carpet is filthy, it will cost more.

Book carpet cleaning today while the stains are still fresh.

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What shapes the final carpet cleaning price?

Several factors will influence the final carpet cleaning cost:

  • Room size and number – Bigger rooms or more rooms cost more. And a whole house? You can imagine.
  • Carpet condition – Heavily stained or worn carpets cost extra. It’s not about the extra elbow grease, but also the required cleaning solutions;
  • Carpet material – Different materials need different treatments, affecting the price. Wool carpets, for example, need gentler care compared to synthetics.
  • Location – Where you live matters too. City locations and long travel distances increase the cost.
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Main types of professional carpet cleaning services

Companies rely on three primary methods. Each works on specific carpet types and offers distinct advantages.

  • Steam cleaning – A cleaning agent combined with hot water is sprayed on the carpet. Once it does its job, it’s vacuumed. The high heat kills germs and allergens. Hot water extraction is perfect for deep cleaning, especially on synthetic carpets;
  • Dry cleaning – Special cleaning compounds are applied. Afterwards they are vacuumed along with the dirt. It’s fast and doesn’t need drying, making it perfect for wool carpets or for areas that need immediate use;
  • Shampooing – A foamy shampoo is scrubbed in with a machine and then vacuumed. It’s effective for very dirty carpets. However, it might leave residue and take longer to dry;
  • Bonnet cleaning – A spinning brush with a cleaning solution-soaked pad is used to clean the surface. It’s good for office maintenance but not as thorough as other methods.
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Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

Is it worth to clean your own carpet? Well, here’s why hiring a pro often wins out:

  • Expertise and experience – Got a stubborn red wine stain on your cream carpet? Pros know exactly how to tackle it without causing damage, thanks to their extensive experience with all sorts of stains and materials;
  • Advanced tools and techniques – Pros use professional tools and special solutions. Regular vacuums can’t compete;
  • Deep clean and sanitisation – Pros clean thoroughly, removing bacteria and allergens. This makes your home healthier;
  • Time and ease – Cleaning carpets yourself can take all day, especially if it’s a large area. Hiring pros lets you enjoy your time while they do the work;
  • Protecting your purchase – Regular professional cleaning extends carpets’ life.
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How long it usually takes to clean a carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours. That’s on average, but the exact time again depends on a few factors:

  1. How big is your carpet? – Larger carpets or multiple rooms take longer to clean;
  2. How many carpets/rugs will have to be cleaned? – More carpets and rugs mean more time spent on the job;
  3. What kind of cleaning will be done? – Different cleaning methods have different time requirements. Steam cleaning, for example, might take longer than dry cleaning.

Always let your carpets dry naturally. Typically, wait 6 to 12 hours. A deep steam clean might take up to 24 hours. It will likely take this long in a poorly ventilated area.

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What happens if you don’t wash your carpets?

As you might guess, nothing good. But here are the risks explained in more detail…

One of the main concerns is that dirt, dust, and allergens build up within the fibre. This is especially bad for family members with allergies. Dirt and debris also wear down carpets faster. This makes them look old sooner.

Spills can often occur and if they are left untreated, they can become permanent. Regular vacuuming will not help with these. Not only do spills cause staining, but they can also be smelly. Carpets easily trap odours from pets or spills. These odours worsen over time and will make your home pretty smelly.

Finally, not cleaning spills right away can cause mould growth due to the trapped moisture within the fibres of the carpeting. This damages carpets and poses health risks.

A lot of people wonder if vacuuming is enough to keep their carpets clean… Well, vacuuming is crucial for regular maintenance. Sadly it’s not enough. It only removes surface dirt and debris. Deep-seated dirt, allergens, and stains remain in the fibres. These will not come out with simple vacuuming.

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How often should you clean your carpets?

Vacuum once a week. You will remove surface dirt, dust, and allergens. If you have pets or kids, you might need to vacuum more, about two to three times a week. This extra cleaning is necessary to manage pet hair, dander, and crumbs.

Besides vacuuming, professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months is recommended. It removes dirt deep in the fibres. As we’ve already established, regular vacuuming can’t do this. For heavy traffic areas or allergy concerns, consider cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

Lastly, tackle spills and stains right away to prevent permanent staining.

Find a trusted carpet cleaner to revive your carpeting!

Check for certifications. Read reviews on Trustpilot or Google. Ask about cleaning methods and eco-friendly products. Top cleaners use eco-friendly, child, and pet-safe detergents.

Be cautious of quotes given without inspecting your carpets first. Look for a satisfaction guarantee—a sign of a company that stands by its work. Finally, choose a company with experience and a solid track record for the best results.

And if you have no time to do an online research, try the Fantastic carpet cleaning services.

When you choose us, you get:

  • Certified and trained specialists who know how to handle all types of carpets and rugs;
  • Latest professional machines for a deep clean;
  • Detergents that are safe for kids and pets;
  • Easy online booking and flexible scheduling to fit your needs.

Experience the Fantastic difference!

Book your professional carpet cleaning today!

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  • Efficiency and quality often make it worth the investment compared to the time and effort of DIY cleaning;
  • The price of carpet cleaning varies based on room size, carpet condition, material, and location;
  • Regular professional cleaning extends your carpet’s life;
  • Different carpets need different cleaning methods.
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