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How to Get Red Wine out of a Carpet (Fresh and Dried)

Does the following scenario sound familiar to you?

One day before the party: “Yay, we are going to have a party at my place, can’t wait for it. Life’s great!”

Five minutes after the party: “Oh, nooo! There is red wine on my carpet! Oh, cruel world…”

Even if you don’t consume wine, it can still affect your emotions, especially if your carpet is drenched in it. Don’t worry though, we are here to help you clean those red wine stains from your carpet. Continue reading if you:

  • Had a party and one of your guests spilt his glass of wine all over your nice rug
  • Have a partner who is prone to causing mishaps
  • Are on the clumsier side and like to knock your drink on the ground on a regular basis
Table of Contents:

Removing red wine stains from carpets using:

To make the stain removal operation successful, there are a couple of important rules you should follow:

  • You need to act fast. The moment the wine hits your carpet, blot the fresh stain with a paper towel or with a rag. Remove as much liquid as you can before it sets in the rug.
  • Don’t rub the wine stain. Use gentle blotting motions. If you rub the spot, you’ll help the wine penetrate deep into the carpet fibres, making it a nightmare to clean up afterwards.
  • Make sure to blot the stain starting from its edge, working your way to the centre. By doing this, you prevent the wine spot from spreading.

But what if you notice the red wine spill on your carpet the next day and it has already dried up? What can you do then? Well, you use the methods below:

How to get red wine out of a carpet with baking soda

  1. Soak up as much of the red wine as possible. Carefully pad the red wine spot with a clean white cloth to eliminate the risk of colour transfer. If the stain is old or has dried up, skip this step.
  2. Moisten the area with some cold water. Apply some cold water over the wine spot. This will dilute what’s left of the stain and help the blotting process. Dab the wet area until the wine stops transferring to the cloth.
  3. Cover the stain with a mixture of water and baking soda. Combine three parts of water with one part baking soda to create a paste. Apply the mixture directly over the red wine stain and let it sit there until it’s completely dry.
  4. Clean up the paste. After the baking soda paste has had a chance to do its magic, vacuum the area. You need to make sure that the mixture is 100% dry before you clean it up. Once you’ve removed the baking soda, gently fluff up the carpet fibres with your hand.

How to get red wine out of a carpet using salt

  1. Cover the stain with salt. Dabbing the stain helps a lot, but most of the times, this won’t remove the whole thing. To completely get rid of the spot, you can try sprinkling some salt on it while it’s still wet. The salt particles will soak up the wine from the rug thanks to their absorbing properties. If you are dealing with a dried up stain, moisten it a bit with some water prior to applying the salt.
  2. Let the salt absorb the excess wine. After you’ve covered the red wine with salt, you’ll see how the granules absorb the moisture, giving them a light pink colour. It’s a good idea to leave the salt on the stain as long as possible before you remove it.
  3. Remove the leftover salt and clean the rug with a vacuum. Once the salt becomes dry, remove it with the help of a spoon. After you are done with that, turn your vacuum cleaner on and clean up any remaining salt grains from the rug. If you spot any particles left after you’ve cleaned the area, apply some water on top of it and repeat the vacuuming process.

How to remove red wine out of a carpet with vinegar and dishwashing liquid

  1. Pat the fresh wine stain to absorb as much of it as possible. Find a clean cloth or get yourself a paper towel and carefully pat the stain. Again, if you have left the stain to dry out, pour some water on the area.
  2. Mix white vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Pour two cups of warm water in a bowl, add a single spoon of white vinegar and a bit of dishwashing detergent. Always use white vinegar, otherwise, if you try to use apple cider or balsamic vinegar, you’ll end up with another nasty stain.
  3. Spread the solution over the wine spot. Dip a sponge into the DIY detergent and gently spread the solution on top of the stained area. After you’ve applied the mixture on the carpet, dab the treated spot with a clean towel. Go back and forth between applying the solution and soaking it up with the towel.
  4. Wipe the stain with water. Get a new piece of cloth and dip it in cold water. Then, press the rag on top of the stain to dilute the spilt wine. Get your drying towel and blot the area.
  5. Repeat the whole process, if needed. If the stain doesn’t come out the first time, repeat the cleaning procedure until you are satisfied with the results.

How to get wine stains out of a carpet with hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid

Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties, so we highly advise to use it only on light-coloured fabrics. To prevent potential discolouration of your carpets fibres, do a spot test first on a small inconspicuous area. If you don’t see any colour changes, proceed with the described cleaning method:

  1. Combine a bit of dish soap with hydrogen peroxide. In a container, pour a good amount of dishwashing soap, followed by some peroxide. Make sure to stir your solution well.
  2. Dab the mixture on the stained carpet area. Soak a clean rag into the dish soap and peroxide solution. Use gentle, dabbing motions to distribute the DIY detergent on top of the wine stain and leave it there for a couple of minutes.
  3. Wet the spot with cold soapy water. Get yourself a spray bottle, fill it up with cold water and add some dish soap. Shake the bottle and spray the stain with the mixture. Of course, blot the treated area afterwards.
  4. Rinse the carpet. After you are done with the main cleaning part, remove the sticky soap residue with warm water and a clean towel. Again, use only patting motions and dry out the carpet at the end.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean blood stains from carpets. Again, use it on light coloured fabrics only and test on an invisible patch of the carpet to prevent any damage of the fibres. Click here to see how it’s done.

How to get red wine with white wine and baking soda

  1. Pour some white wine on the spot. The whole idea of adding more wine to an already stained area may sound absurd, but in reality, it’s an effective cleaning method. You see, white wine has the superpower to dilute red wine spots much like water. If you decide to try this type of treatment, make sure to avoid sweet dessert wines that contain sugar, otherwise, you’ll end up with a big and sticky mess.
  2. Get a sponge to soak up the liquid. Similar to the other techniques we’ve described, press the sponge to the stained carpet area and absorb the wine you’ve poured on top of the rug.
  3. Spread a baking soda paste. Remember the baking soda and water mixture from the previous tips? Prepare the same batch we’ve described and apply it over the stain. Don’t touch it until it has completely dried out.
  4. Lay a clean towel over the treated area. Place a towel on top of the stain and put some sort of weight over it, like a heavy book, for example, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be perfect. The pressure from the weight will help the baking soda clean the red wine stain even better.
  5. Clean the rug from the baking soda. Remove the dried baking soda particles from the carpet with the use of a vacuum cleaner. If you see any residue after you are done, similar to the salt method, moisten the spot with some water and run the vacuum over it again.

If you like things done the DIY way, read our post on how to clean carpets yourself. There you will learn how to vacuum, lift stains and maintain your textile floor covering.

Get help from seasoned professionals

As you’ve probably figured out by now, dealing with red wine stains is an unpleasant way to spend your time. And let’s not forget that there is always the chance of ruining your rug thanks to an incorrectly performed DIY cleaning method. Here is where Fantastic Services comes in. We offer professional hot water extraction cleaning that will revive the initial state of your carpet and save you a lot of time from cleaning it. The treatment is done by certified and fully-insured carpet cleaning technicians, who use eco-friendly & highly effective products.

Don't let a red wine stain ruin your perfect party.

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  • Don’t apply any sort of heat to the stain. It will only make the situation worse because the wine spot will just set into the carpet fibres.
  • No matter of the method you’ve chosen, always do a spot test on a hidden part on your rug or carpet.
  • Never rub fresh red wine stains, instead, use gentle patting motions.
  • Know when you’ve met your match and just hire a professional. You see, there are bad wine stains that just won’t come off, especially if they’ve had the chance to settle in. When this happens, it’s best to call a professional carpet cleaning company to take care of the problem.


We hope you found our guide on how to get wine out of a carpet informative and helpful. Feel free to share your carpet cleaning experience in the comment section below!

Header image source: Depositphotos / AndreyPopov

Whichever method of cleaning or smell removal you choose, remember to always do a test on a small inconspicuous area. Depending on the size, nature, and age of the stains, some of them might be impossible to remove. We cannot take responsibility if any of the above-mentioned methods do not work on your carpets.

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