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Condenser Dryer vs. Vented Dryer – Which is Better and Why?

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So, you’ve decided to purchase a tumble dryer. There are numerous reasons to get one – clothes occupy too much space on the drying rack, laundry chores take a lot of time, children need their uniforms clean and dry as soon as possible, or you simply don’t want to iron. Thankfully, the market is full of various models that are ready to fulfil all of your desires. And to make it even easier for you, we have prepared something that will help you choose the best dryer for your home.

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So, if you:

  • Are planning to buy a tumble dryer;
  • Wish to see the difference between various models;
  • Want to weigh all pros and cons of the condenser and vented dryers.

Then you are in the right place! 

What is a vented tumble dryer?

Vented tumble dryers use the air around themselves. The appliance heats the air and utilises it to dry your clothes. Once drying is finished, dump air is expelled through the vent hose, located at the back of the appliance. The hose needs access to the outside of your home; therefore, you have to place your unit next to a window or fit a vent through the wall


  • Goes easy on your budget. Generally, vented dryers are considered to be cheaper than other tumble dryers on the UK market. So, if you have a tight budget then this option can be perfect for you;
  • Takes less time to dry clothes. This type of dryer is beneficial for those who don’t want to spend the whole day drying their clothes. Especially if you have a big household, you know how much time a simple routine like washing can take. If you want to save up some time on the chores, then this appliance will serve you good;
  • Reduced electricity consumption. Because of the relatively short drying time, the vented dryers use less electricity. Therefore, in the long run, the operating costs of the vented dryers are lower.


  • Requires an outside vent installation. The biggest drawback of this appliance is the vent. If you already had a vented model before, then the installation should be easier on you. However, if it is your first tumble dryer, you should be ready to build in the vent through a wall or a window;
  • Excess moisture can cause structural damage. If the vent is not installed properly, the warm and moist air can be expelled inside your home, causing mould and mildew. That is why it is crucial to install the outside vent correctly; 
  • The vent can cause pest problems. It is not a secret that pests like warm conditions. Unfortunately, if the vent is not maintained, it can become a refuge for unwanted pests like mice and rats. Or even worse, provide them with access to your home; 
  • The vent is prone to clogging. The vents and vent hoses should be cleaned regularly, which adds up to the regular maintenance. The lint that over time builds up in the vent might influence the efficiency of your appliance and urge tumble dryer repair needs. Not to mention that dryer vent blockages can even trigger a fire. 

What is a condenser tumble dryer?

Condenser tumble dryers dry your clothes by collecting the expelled vapour in a container located inside the appliance. This reservoir needs to be regularly emptied by hand. Some brands offer models that let you connect the unit to a drain pipe. That way, you don’t need to constantly keep an eye on water levels of the container. 


  • Can be installed anywhere. This appliance doesn’t need a built-in vent, as the excess moisture is collected in the reservoir;
  • Can be connected to drain pipes. Some models are designed the way you can install it to the drainage system. In this case, the water will not be collected in the reservoir but directly sent to the drain pipes;
  • Energy efficiency. Knowing that energy efficiency has been one of the main concerns in the UK for the past few years, these dryers can become your best choice. Condenser dryer is more energy-efficient than its cousin vented dryer. The majority of vented dryers are B or C-rated, whereas condenser dryers can reach an A++ rating;
  • Contemporary features. Modern manufacturers always try to create something that will save time and effort of their buyers. Therefore, they put all of their efforts into adding convenient features like anti-crease, timer delays, sensor technologies and even smart controls. 


  • Energy efficiency adds to the price of the appliance. Unfortunately, newer and more efficient appliances have higher upfront costs;
  • Takes more time to dry clothes. The cheaper models of the condenser dryers tend to take more time to dry clothes, compared to the vented ones. However, not all condenser dryers are like that. The manufacturers improve their appliances more and more each year;
  • Might be pricey to run. A new appliance will inevitably have an impact on your monthly bill spendings. However, if you have a chance to avoid overspending, you definitely should use it. The condenser models are believed to be more efficient. However, if a condenser model takes more time to dry clothes, it is a no-brainer that the operational costs will be higher. 
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Heat pump vs. condenser dryer

Heat pump dryers can be called the condenser dryers of the next generation. The difference between those two dryers is in the technology that they use to dry clothes. 

After drying your clothes, a regular condenser dryer passes the moist and warm air through the condensing plate to pump it out to the reservoir or the drain. The heat pump model, on the other hand, has a mechanism very similar to the ones that fridges have. When the drying cycle is on, the machine uses the same air all over again. The air passes through two layers of refrigerant – one removes the excess moisture and another one reheats the air and sends it back to the drum.

There are several significant differences that should be noted:

  • The heat pump dryers are the most expensive out of all the dryers;
  • The technology allows the machine to be more delicate on your clothes in comparison with the other dryers;
  • These models are the most energy-efficient. You can easily find a heat pump dryer that is A-rated;
  • Drying takes more time. On every kilo of clothes, the machine needs five extra minutes, compared to a regular condenser dryer.

So, which is better – vented or condenser tumble dryer?

It all depends on your desires and budget. For those who give preferences to simplicity and efficiency – the vented dryer is a great choice. The biggest drawback of these models is the vent, that should have access to the outside of your home. The vent should also be regularly maintained because of the lint built-up. If you don’t have the option to install one, then you might consider getting a condenser dryer. 

Condenser dryers can be installed anywhere. Moreover, if you wish to keep up with the modern and effortless home solutions, then condenser dryers are just right for you. The variety of functions allows the dryer to be more delicate on your clothes.

Need to install a tumble dryer?

Fantastic Services has you covered! Installation of a vented dryer requires certain technical equipment that not every household has. The tools will cost you a fortune, and the time you will spend on the installation can be spent on something productive. Don’t overwhelm yourself, get a professional appliance installation! And in the meantime have your clothes washed, dried and delivered in 24 hours with our laundry services.

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  • The major difference between a condenser dryer and a vented dryer is how they dispose of water from the machine;
  • Vented tumble dryer is less energy-efficient and requires an outside vent;
  • Condenser dryers do not require an external vent, however, they consume more energy as they tend to dry clothes slower. Also, condenser tumble dryers tend to be slightly more expensive than vented dryers;
  • Heat pump dryers are an excellent solution for those who wish to keep up with modern technology and are worried about energy-efficiency.


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