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Common Miele Appliance Error Codes

Got a problem with your Miele appliance? Don’t worry. Most Miele error codes clearly tell you what’s gone wrong and what you need to do to fix it.
Alternatively, you might have noticed that your tumble dryer isn’t drying properly. Or that your Miele washing machine doesn’t spin like it used to.
In both cases, a quick check of what the relevant Miele error codes mean is the best place to start.

So if you:

  • Own a Miele washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher;
  • Are seeing a strange message on the diplay of your appliance;
  • Want to know what this means.

Then, read on!

Common Miele washing machine fault codes

Miele appliances are known for their reliability. But even the best-made appliances can start to suffer after long use. Luckily, most Miele washing machine error codes are easy to spot. They appear on your appliance’s display panel. Then all you need to do is consult a list of codes like the one below.

There aren’t many Miele washing machine fault codes that you can deal with yourself. Usually, if it’s anything more than checking the filters and the pipes, you’ll need an expert. But for any draining issues or water intake problems, a quick filter clean and waste pipe check is a good place to start.

For more complicated Miele fault codes, washing machine repair services are the way to go. You don’t want to be messing around inside your machine’s electronics or heating systems if you don’t have the right training and experience.

With that out of the way, here’s a full Miele washing machine fault codes list:

  • F1 / F2 – NTC heater sensor has short-circuited
  • F10 – Water intake fault. Possible inlet valve issue
  • F11 – Draining issues
  • F15 – Hot water intake issue
  • F16 – Excessive amount of detergent detected
  • F19 – Flow meter slow
  • F20 – Heater fault
  • F29 – Heater steam inactive
  • F39 – Electronic unit fault
  • F41 – Faulty EEPROM
  • F45 – Incorrect data
  • F46 – LCD connection defective
  • F47 – BAE / SLT interface fault
  • F51 – Pressure sensor fault
  • F53 – Speed sensor fault
  • F62 – Defective program selector.
  • F63 – Water path control unit error.
  • F64 – Path sensor fault.
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Common Miele tumble dryer fault codes

Thanks to Meile appliances having a pretty smart self-diagnosis system, one quick check of your display panel should tell you what kind of problem you’re experiencing.

Unfortunately, you’ll need a tumble dryer repair expert to handle most Miele tumble dryer errors. A quick clear of the filter to make sure there’s not been a build-up of lint is usually all of the DIY maintenance you can or should perform on these appliances.

When you’re faced with an error, there’s no need to go digging around to find your old appliance manual though. Here you’ll find all Miele tumble dryer fault codes in a handy list format:

  • F1 – NTC heater sensor short-circuited
  • F2 – NTC heater sensor open circuit
  • F3 – NTC fan sensor short-circuited
  • F4 – NTC fan sensor open circuit
  • F32 – Door lock doesn’t close
  • F33 – Door lock doesn’t open
  • F36 – Door switch defective
  • F39 – Electronic unit fault
  • F41 – Faulty EEPROM
  • F45 – Flash ram defect.
  • F46 – LCD connection defective.
  • F55 – Laundry isn’t dry after 180 minutes
  • F66 – Airpath leak

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Common Miele dishwasher fault codes

Checking your dishwasher’s display panel is the first step when you notice something isn’t quite right. The highly effective self-diagnosis system that Miele appliances come fitted with ensures that if something goes wrong, the machine is usually “aware” of the problem. Then all you need to do is consult a list of Miele dishwasher fault codes (like the one below) to see what the problem is.

Some Miele dishwasher error codes you can try to resolve yourself. For example, when you’re experiencing draining issues (F11) or water intake errors (F12/ F13), you should be able to check your dishwasher’s filters and water intake pipe to make sure everything is okay. For most of the rest of the issues on this list though, you’ll want to call in a tumble dryer repair expert:

  • F01 – Water heater NTC short-circuited
  • F02 – Water heater NTC open circuit
  • F11 – Draining issue/Drain pump or filter blocked
  • F12 / F13 – Water intake error
  • F14 – Heater pressure switch fault
  • F24 – Heater relay fault
  • F25 – Heater fault
  • F26 – Water temperature too high
  • F32 – Door lock issue
  • F51 – Defective heater relay
  • F53 – Speed sensor fault
  • F67 – Circulation pump speed to slow
  • F68 – Circulation pump operation after switch off
  • F70 – Float switch error
  • F78 – Circulation pump error
  • F88 – Turbidity sensor fault

Ways to fix your Miele appliance problems

For anything beyond checking that feed pipes are clear, the power is on, and filters are clean, you won’t want to be trying to fix your Miele appliance on your own.

Handily, Fantastic Services’ appliance repair service comes with a full one-year guarantee. You can book a appliance repair engineer using our GoFantastic app or booking form. View real-time availability and get the expertise you need seven days a week.


  • The first thing to do when your Miele appliance malfunctions is to consult the list of error codes above
  • For simple problems, clearing filters and checking water feed pipes is a smart first move
  • More complex issues though require someone with training and certification


Has that answered your question about the error your Miele appliance is displaying?

No? Comment below and tell us what you’re seeing. Let’s see if we can help you get on course for a fix.

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