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Washing machine not spinning? 7 reasons why it’s happening and fixes.

With time and use, many of our well-loved household appliances decide to start giving us trouble. That being said, some of them tend to get broken a bit more frequently than others – for example, the washing machine. From wiring issues to small floods – this type of appliance can give you a whole lot of headaches. With that in mind, one of the most common problems is the washing machine not spinning. But why is that? Well, in this article, you are going to find out.

If you:

  • Are wondering why your washing machine won’t spin;
  • Have frequent issues with your washer;
  • Are just curious about what is going on inside your appliance.

We’ve got you!

Why is my washing machine not spinning?

Washing machines are complicated appliances with many parts that can all go wonky at some point. Sometimes a simple and, at first glance, “unthreatening” task, such as to move the machine, can cause issues, while in other scenarios, an additional sock or two can overload the appliance – the list of reasons is endless, however, there are few that are more common than other, like:

Washing machine door not shutting

This one is pretty self-explanatory – if your washing machine door doesn’t close properly, the appliance won’t start working. This can happen for a range of reasons, including a faulty locking mechanism, software issues, etc. If you discover that this is the problem, don’t try to forcefully shut the door. Instead, look up ways to fix it. Of course, if you can’t distinguish the fault yourself, you can always get a professional to take a look at the appliance for you.

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Overloaded washing machine

This one is a pretty common noisy washing machine when spinning cause. Many of us decide that it’s a very good idea to stuff the appliance with as many pieces of clothing as possible to save ourselves from washing another load. Needless to say, this is very bad for the washer – overloading it can lead to very big issues, very fast.

For example, an overstuffed washing machine can leave the drum bearings of the appliance damaged. If you overload the washer, the glass door can also shatter. And let’s not forget that your clothes won’t be washed properly due to the lack of space between the items.

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Unbalanced load

Another reason for a washing machine not spinning is an unbalanced load. You see, during the wash cycle, all of the clothes can move around, causing the appliance spinning and draining problems that are typically accompanied by weird sounds. Another “symptom” of an unbalanced load is your cleaned laundry coming out too wet and smelly.

The best thing that you can do to avoid this type of scenario is to carefully distribute your clothing items while loading your washing machine.

Unbalanced washing machine

A very common reason for a washing machine not spinning properly are balancing issues. If the appliance starts making noises and vibrates more than usual, you most definitely have an unbalanced washing machine. If you don’t take care of the problem, you may end up with a bigger and worse situation to deal with.

So, next time you spot your washing machine taking a walk in your property, take the necessary steps to fix it or hire a professional to help you out.

Faulty door switch

We all know what a door switch is – it’s that tiny locking mechanism that clicks when you turn on the washing machine. Now, if said mechanism decides to give up on you, the appliance won’t start doing its job in the first place. Inspect the lock closely. Does it look damaged in any way? If not, try turning on the machine again and listen for that typical clicking sound. If you don’t hear anything, you have a faulty door switch problem at your hands.

Insufficient drainage

Bad drainage is the culprit for many general washing machine issues, including your washing machine drum not spinning. Generally, there are two types of problems that you can encounter – water not draining from the machine and water not going through the pipes.

That being said, a lot of things can be a reason for such a scenario, including a clog in the rubber tube that connects the washing machine to the drain standpipe, a faulty water pump, a blocked filter, damaged door switch, etc. The bad news is that many of these problems can only be discovered only by a technician who knows what to look for.

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Motor troubles

If all else in your washing machine looks fine – you have a balanced load, there isn’t an issue with the door switch, etc., you are probably dealing with a motor issue. This problem is a little harder to diagnose, so if you’ve checked out everything in your list and nothing seems to work, we suggest calling a professional to take a look at your motor, and, if necessary, perform a washing machine repair.

Why is my washing machine not spinning fast?

Do you know what is worse than a washing machine that doesn’t spin? A washing machine that spins slow. If you are faced with such a situation and are still thinking about cleaning your clothes – don’t. A washing machine that won’t spin fast will leave your clothing items soaking wet, smelling funny, and still dirty.

When it comes to the cause of the problem, many things can cause such an issue – loose or broken belts, a damaged door switch, an unbalanced load, or faulty wiring. Whatever the reason, make sure to check the potential surface issues, such as the filter, and continue with the other, more complicated elements. And whatever you do, don’t forget to pull out the machine from the electricity socket – you don’t want to get hurt.

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Hire a professional to help you out!

If you’ve given your best to find out why your washing machine is not spinning fast and don’t have an answer to your problem, maybe it’s time to leave the job to a professional. We, at Fantastic Services, offer affordable appliance repair solutions that will save you money, time, and energy.

The service is extremely easy to schedule – you can do it completely online; is done by trained technicians who can both diagnose and fix your washing machine; can be organized for any day of the week, including on Saturdays and Sundays.

So don’t waste your time trying to figure out what is wrong with your washing machine and book the professional help of Fantastic Service now! Book our appliance repair service today! Our professional repairman can fix any brand and model washing machine, from Electrolux to Siemens.


  • When you decide to inspect your washing machine, always make sure to pull out the power cord from the electricity socket first – you don’t want to end up in the hospital;
  • Always start with the potential surface issues – faulty switch, unbalanced load, etc. before you get into the more complicated ones;
  • If you can’t find out what’s going on with the washing machine, call a professional to inspect it for you.


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