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Common CDA Appliance Error Codes

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CDA appliances are praised by homeowners as very useful tools, but sometimes even they can experience faults. Issues in dishwashers or washing machines can be caused by multiple factors, such as insufficient water supply, drainage and heater faults, or electronic connection errors. Once your CDA appliance ceases to work properly, the diagnostic system integrated inside it will detect the reason and display an error code, signifying the problem.

We understand how an appliance that is acting up can be troublesome, but if you see an odd code flashing on the digital display, don’t panic right away. The first thing to do is find out what the error code means. After that, you can decide whether you will be able to solve the problem on your own.

However, keep in mind that most of the time, even if you can tell what the problem is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to fix it immediately. Most faults will need to be inspected by specialists, so it is a good idea to consider booking an appliance repair service.

So, if you:

  • Have a CDA appliance and are experiencing an issue with it;
  • See a fault code displayed on your appliance but don’t know what it means;
  • Want to know if you should contact a professional technician.

Then this article is just for you! Here, we have put together examples of the most common CDA dishwasher and washing machine error codes and their meaning, as well as the possible causes.

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Common CDA dishwasher fault codes

CDA integrated dishwashers boast efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They can save you time and energy, as well as water. CDA dishwashers offer up to 15 place settings and multiple programmes to choose from, including a delay timer and a half load option. However, things can go wrong with even the smartest appliances. Fortunately, at times like this, a sensor integrated inside the dishwasher comes in handy to detect the fault.

As stressful as it may be to see a flashing error code at first, once you know what the message actually means, you will know what to do. Some errors can be fixed with a simple restart, but others may be more complicated.

Below, we have listed the most common CDA dishwasher fault codes to help you determine the possible issue. But remember, when it comes to repairing appliances, it is always better to seek professional help.

  • F1 – Water overflow.
  • F2 – Draining issue detected. Possible drain hose/filter blockage or drain pump issue.
  • F3 – Continuous water fill detected. Possible inlet valve fault. 
  • F5 – Insufficient water supply. Not fully open water tap or possible inlet valve fault.
  • F6 – Heater sensor fault.
  • F7 – Dishwasher overheating.
  • F8 – Heater failure.
  • F9 – Spray diverter position error.
  • FE – Electronic control board fault.

Common CDA washing machine fault codes

CDA integrated washing machines come in various drum capacities and offer numerous programmes to choose from. They also have incorporated safety features, such as the aqua-stop and anti-flooding technology. Moreover, if something goes wrong with your washing machine, an error code will appear on the appliance’s digital display, indicating the cause.

Although you might not be able to fix an issue by yourself, error codes are there to give you an idea of what the reason behind your appliance’s malfunction might be and if you need a technician for sure. Whether it’s a door switch fault or your CDA washing machine doesn’t spin, it would most likely be indicated on the display. However, whenever in doubt, call a technician for professional advice.

Here are the most common CDA washing machine fault codes that can help you understand why your appliance ceases to work properly.

  • F01 – Insufficient water supply. Possible inlet valve fault.
  • F02Draining issue. A clogged filter or faulty drain pump.
  • F07 – Motor fault.
  • C03 – Spin dry failure. Probable motor issue.
  • Err1 – Door fault or door switch fault.
  • Err2 – Drainage error. Possible blockage in the drain hose or filter.
  • Err3 – Temperature sensor fault or bad wiring.
  • Err4 – Heater error.
  • Err5 – Water level not reached within a time period. The drain hose is below 80cm or the drain hose end is in water.
  • Err7 – Motor fault.
  • Err8 – Excessive water level.
  • ER10 – Water level sensor fault.
  • EuAr – Electronic communication error between PCB and the motor.
  • UNb – Unbalanced load.
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  • CDA appliances are equipped with diagnostic systems that can detect issues and signalise them by showing a fault code.
  • You can use the error code shown on the display to understand what the reason behind your appliance’s malfunctioning is.
  • Some issues can be fixed easily by restarting the appliance, closing the door properly, or cleaning the drain hose or filter


Do you have any further questions about CDA appliance fault codes? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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