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​DIY SOS: The Big Build – Fantastic Helps Re-Home Veteran Dad

The BBC’s DIY SOS: The Big Build is great television. Up to 9 million people tune in every episode to see what Nick Knowles and his team of Purple Shirts are up to.

The team always has just nine days to complete their latest transformation of a family’s home. And the show relies entirely on local people, businesses and suppliers to function.

Fantastic Services has been involved in The Big Build before. So when we heard about another highly deserving family in need of assistance, we sent a team along to help complete the build.

As well as being a fantastic television program, The Big Build also does great work essentially as a charity for deserving families who really need a little help.

In this instance, the family consists of 36-year-old Simon and his three young children. Simon, a decorated former corporal in the Royal Green Jackets British Army regiment, was commanding a vehicle when it was hit by an IED. Simon lost his foot and a large portion of his opposite thigh. Despite this, he was still able to perform first aid on the driver and operate the vehicle under tow to get it back to base.

Returning home to civilian life, Simon found himself a single father living in a 2-bed house with three energetic young children. With a fresh start – and a house that’s suitable for their needs – Simon could soon get on top of things again. Enter, the BBC DIY: SOS team.

BBC DIY: SOS Episode 28: 6 Veteran Street

There were clear goals in mind for how the team would transform Simon and his family’s home:

  • To make it suitable for the family’s size and needs
  • To create a safe place to build relationships with other families and veterans

We were happy to be able to help make this dream a reality! With a whole team deployed, everyone soon got down to business on making Simon and his family’s home a fitting place for them to live.

Take a look at the build for yourself! BBC DIY: SOS can be found on the BBC iPlayer website. Check it out often for new episodes!

Fantastic Charity Support and Worthwhile Causes

Fantastic Services is always looking for great community-led and charity projects to support. If you think your charity could benefit from our cleaning, gardening or building skills – or any of the other kinds of expertise we offer – do please get in touch with us.

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