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How to Create a Stunning Low Maintenance Garden

How to Create a Stunning Low Maintenance Garden

Have you always wanted a garden, but were discouraged by the lack of time or by the Herculean efforts that often go into creating one? Or maybe you’ve rented a property with a garden, are tasked with looking after one, or are completely new to the world of gardening? If anything above sounds familiar, the low maintenance garden is just what you need! Here, a big emphasis is placed on hardscaping features, perennial plants, and other laid-back elements that don’t require your constant attention to create a garden that practically takes care of itself. (more…)

10 Ideas To Keep You On Top Of The Gardening Trends In 2018

gardening trends for 2018

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2017 has come and gone and in it, we saw a push towards the outdoors. Weather-resistant plans and outdoor kitchens surrounded by beautiful and fashionable furniture were big gardening trends that year. We looked for more eco-friendly solutions to pest problems and we adapted our garden to urban environments—trends that have continued to grow this year as well.

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