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How Much Does It Cost to Plant a Tree?

Well-maintained trees bring with them an unparalleled aesthetic, which can enhance the overall look of any garden space. But although many newly built properties come with a back garden that may have a tree or two, most won’t have the types of trees homeowners crave for. And, in those instances, it’s up to the new owner to decide how they want to spruce up their outdoor space.

There are many reasons as to why someone would like to update their garden with great-looking trees. Some like the aesthetic a certain tree can bring to their greenery, others maybe prefer to have more shade in their back garden, while also screening it from their neighbour’s gaze. 

And so arises the question of how much does it cost to plant a tree in your back garden?

Well, we are here to answer it. 

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So continue reading if you are:

  • Planning on planting a new tree in your garden
  • Want to know the cost of having a tree planted in your garden
  • Interested in how planting more trees is helping the environment.

How much does it cost to plant a tree?

On average, the price for planting a small tree you bought yourself is somewhere between £200 and £300.

However, if an arborist needs to buy the tree, deliver it, then dig up a hole, plant it and then maintain it, the price can jump up to £1000 depending on the tree’s size.

Before you go out and buy a tree, it’s important to consult with a local expert for advice. You’ll need to learn about which soil conditions are best for the tree you want to plant and also if your area’s size guidelines allow the planting of such trees. Also, it’s good to bear in mind that certain species of trees grow very quickly and their rapidly expanding roots can end up damaging your utility cables and, in some cases, even the foundations of your home.

When it comes to pricing, the cost to plant a tree in your garden will depend on several factors. Those factors are the following:

  • the species of tree you want in your green space;
  • the associated planting work that goes with this type of tree. 

By speaking to an arborist, you can learn which species will thrive in the soil you have in your garden. But, even then you might still need to amend it. Also, let’s not forget you’ll need professional maintenance and irrigation care to make sure that the tree lives through its early years (which are the toughest). And such services can and will affect the cost significantly.

The price will also go up if the tree you want planted is a mature one, as the arborist will need equipment to help dig a big enough hole for the tree. 

Basically, you need to think about which one suits you better. A mature tree is easier to look after than a small seedling, however, the upfront cost is higher. While the small sapling will require you to pay close to the same amount, but through an extended period of time. 

There are arborists out there who can even purchase the tree on the customer’s behalf and make sure they get a good price on it, prior to delivery and planting cost.

How planting trees tackles climate change

According to the Committee on Climate Change, tree planting in the UK will grow twice in size within the next two years. The CCC claim that this is a consequence of the rapid changes in the land use on the island.

There is a plant to have as much as 17% of the land designated for food production, converted to accommodate crop-growing farms, residential communities and even woodlands. This conversion counts for grassland areas as well. With this, it’s estimated that tree planting will increase to 20,000 hectares by the end of 2020 and will help prevent adverse effects on the environment.

As to how many trees are being planted each year, according to the UK’s government, we are talking about nearly 2,060,000 trees. Impressive. 

Need help maintaining your tree?

Have you had a new tree planted in your garden, and are having a hard time caring for it? Then maybe what you need is a professional arborist and we at Fantastic Services can send one right at your doorstep.

Booking a tree service is easy, simply head over to our online booking form and choose a date and time that suits your schedule.

Need tree pruning, to stimulate your tree’s growth?

Get in touch with an arborist today!

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  • Having trees in your back garden comes with many benefits, like adding privacy, shade and also a nice aesthetic.
  • Planting trees helps fight climate change.
  • The cost of planting a tree in the UK depends mainly on its size and its type.

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