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Common Indesit Appliance Error Codes

Indesit is a highly regarded appliance manufacturer. But even the best-made appliances can go wrong. If you notice any of these common Indesit error codes, don’t panic, some of them have simple solutions and you can resolve them on your own but for others, like the motor or electrical issues you’ll need to call in an Indesit appliance repair expert to get everything put back to rights.

So if you:

  • Own a Indesit washing machine, dishwasher or tumble dryer that is experiancing a fault
  • See a fault code on the display of your appliance and are trying to find what it might mean
  • Need to explain to a professional repairman what the issue is so he can pick up the needed parts.

Then, read on!

Common Indesit washing machine fault codes

Identifying Indesit washing machine fault codes is usually pretty easy. Unlike other brands where you need to count flashes or do other annoying things to determine faults, Indesit appliances have clear LEDs and display screens.

All you need is a list (like the one below) that explains what each code means. They’ll tell you, for example, that an Indesit washing machine fault code F05 means you’ve got a problem with your pump or waste pipe. Keep in mind that while fault codes can point out which component is failing, they shouldn’t be taken as a specific diagnose. For every issue that you are not sure you can handle yourself, consult with a washing machine repair expert for advice or to help you with the repairs.

The one exception is the Indesit washing machine fault code H20. That’s not a letter “H” and a number “20”. That’s H2O, the chemical formula for water, and it means there’s something wrong with your water itself or the supply. For the rest, here are the most common codes you’ll come across:

  • F01 – Electronic circuit board fault.
  • F02 – Motor circuit fault.
  • F03 – Temperature sensing fault.
  • F05 – Waste pipe blockage or pump issue.
  • F06 – Door lock fault.
  • F07 – Electronic circuit board fault/heating circuit fault.
  • F08 – Heater fault.
  • F09 – Software fault.
  • F11 – Pump circuit fault.
  • F12 – Electronic control fault.
  • F13 – Dryer temperature sensing fault (washer dryers only)
  • F15 – Heater control fault.
  • F18 – Internal data error.
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Indesit common tumble dryer fault codes

Like their other appliances, Indesit tumble dryer fault codes are pretty easy to spot. Although sometimes fault codes alert for serious issues with the appliance and indicate that  professional tumble dry service is necessary in most of the cases they just show simple errors which can be easily fixed. Simply consult the list below and you’ll see that, for instance, fault code F04 means you have a jammed pressure switch. Here’s a full list:

  • F01 – Short circuit motor triac.
  • F02 – Motor jammed or fan blocked.
  • F03 – Front thermistor open/short circuit.
  • F04 – Pressure switch jammed on empty.
  • F05 – No feedback from the pump.
  • F08 – Static heater relay with contact welded closed.
  • F09 – Eprom is not programmed or not functioning.
  • F10 – Common of heater open or one shot open.
  • F11 – No pump connection.
  • F12 – Communication error between boards.
  • F13 – Rear thermistor open/short circuit.
  • F15 – Dynamic heater relay with contact welded closed.
  • F17 – Mater relay welded closed.

Need a professional?

Find a professional appliance repair expert to take care of your tumble dryer.

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Indesit common dishwasher fault codes

Consult the display panel of your Indesit dishwasher to see the machine’s self-diagnosis of which component is failing.

Indesit dishwashers are well-made. Yet, like other similar appliances, they commonly suffer from water drain failures (an F03 error, often caused by a blocked filter or pipe) and insufficient pressure (an F06 error, sometimes caused by a problem with the door or the way the appliance was installed) or F02 error, most often associated with the inlet solenoid valve and a possible reason for your dishwasher not able to clean the dishes properly.

You’re less likely to experience full-on serious mechanical malfunctions like an F13 main board fault with an Indesit, but it’s good to know in the unlikely event one does crop up! In a situation like that or another where the washing machine is pointing out a failing electrical component, it is always better to contact a professional dishwasher engineer to further diagnose and fix the issue.

Explore this full range of Indesit dishwasher fault codes to see what you’re dealing with:

  • F01 – Anti-flood sensor fault.
  • F02 – Water fill solenoid valve, impeller jug or water chamber failure.
  • F03 – Water drain failure. Pump Issue.
  • F04 – Thermostat failure.
  • F06 – Water fill timeout fault. Insufficient pressure.
  • F07 – Damaged water turbine or other water turbine fault.
  • F08 – Temperature timeout. Heater, thermostat or NTC sensor fault.
  • F09 – Software error.
  • F10 – Heater fault.
  • F11 – Wash pump motor issue.
  • F12 – Main board & Display communication error fault.
  • F13 – Main board fault.
  • F15 – Virtual sensor fault.
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Getting a reliable fix for your problem

You can fix some of the more basic issues with Indesit appliances yourself. But once you’ve cleared out the filter of your dishwasher or washing machine and made sure the pipes aren’t tied in knots, you really need an expert to diagnose further and resolve your problem.

Luckily, Fantastic Services offers City & Guilds-Certified appliance repair services that you can book online in 30 seconds or less. If possible, your certified repairman will fix your appliance then and there, providing a full one-year guarantee so you know it’s a fix that’s going to last.


  • All Indesit appliances have easy-to-read error codes
  • Consult the list of Indesit fault codes above to diagnose the issue
  • Indesit appliances are well made and can usually be repaired cost-effectively
  • Never try to fix any mechanical issues yourself
  • Appliance repair services are fast and easy to book


Did that solve your problem? No?

Describe your Indesit appliance error in the comments below and let’s see if we can get you the help you need!

Image Source: Shutterstock /Gualtiero Boffi

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