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Can You Leave Rattan Furniture Outside?

Rattan furniture is stylish, comfortable and practical, perfect for the warm season when you spend plenty of time in your garden. However, what happens with this furniture when autumn comes and rainfalls become the daily norm? Can you leave your rattan furniture outside?

If you:

  • Wonder whether other people keep their rattan furniture out in the open 24/7 all year long;
  • Have limited storage space and wonder what kind of garden furniture will last outside.

Then read along…

Can you leave rattan furniture outside in the rain?

Yes, you can leave your rattan furniture outside even if it rains. The materials can withstand the moisture. That said, the furniture needs to be of good quality materials, otherwise, the weather will destroy it.

Let’s elaborate on that.

What features does the highest quality rattan furniture have that separate it from the lower end competitors?

  • Aluminium frames – Aluminium doesn’t rust, so it can withstand rain, snow and frost for many years without deteriorating. The frames keep the structure together, so the longer they last, the better.
  • UV stabilised rattan strands – strands come in many types and colours, but the important part is for them to be UV stabilised. This treatment will prevent the strands from fading and rotting, and they will not become brittle over time.

Generally, high-quality rattan furniture requires almost no maintenance and shows little wear and tear over the years. If you are not sure whether your rattan furniture is high or regular quality, just lift it up. If it’s surprisingly lightweight, its frame is likely made of aluminium. If you still have the packaging somewhere, check to make sure.

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How do you protect natural rattan furniture?

In theory, with all said so far, high-end rattan furniture can safely be left outside in rain and snow and should sustain almost no damage. Still, some extra protective measures won’t hurt to prolong its life. And if you have found that your furniture frames are made of steel and not aluminium, then definitely follow these tips.

  • Store your cushions – get your cushions inside and wash their covers. Afterwards, store them in a dry room until warm months come. If you leave them outside, they will get damp, mouldy and unusable by the end of the winter.
  • Clean the furniture – if you decide to leave your rattan furniture outside over the winter, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly of collected dirt. A simpler alternative to cleaning is just to cover the furniture pieces in protective covers.
  • Wax the pieces – cover your rattan furniture with a very thin wax coat. This will help it maintain its condition and ward off any dampness.
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Use storage services to store your rattan furniture

If you are not sure what kind of rattan furniture you have in terms of quality, it’s best to keep it in storage over the winter. And if you know for sure that the furniture you have is of lesser quality, then storage space is highly recommended.

Fantastic Services offers damp-proof storage space at competitive prices, which is monitored 24/7. We also provide insurance for your items in case of theft, fire, and other kinds of mishappenings. You don’t even need to drive to the storage depot; we collect, store and re-deliver when it’s convenient for you.

Take advantage of this opportunity instead of leaving your rattan furniture outside during the cold months, only to find it has rusted and faded. Check prices and availability in your area!

Reliable storage is available close to you!

Take advantage of our storage unit options.

Add a valid postcode e.g. SE1 2TH


  • High-end rattan furniture can withstand different weather conditions thanks to its aluminium frames and UV stabilised rattan strands.
  • Low-end furniture has steel frames that will rust if left out in the rain and snow.
  • Lift your furniture and it’s surprisingly light-weight, then it likely has aluminium frames.

Do you have any tips on leaving your rattan furniture outside? Let us know by commenting!

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