CNN Interviews the Fantastic Services Team – on Brexit

Fantastic Services Interviewed by CNN on Brexit

Viewers across the pond recently got an interesting peek at how foreign nationals in the UK could be affected by Brexit. The source of that information?

Members of the Fantastic Services team, and company Co-Founder and CEO Rune Sovndahl himself – all of whom were recently interviewed by CNN.

So what did CNN‘s intrepid correspondents find out when they joined one of Fantastic Services’ teams in the field?


Meet the Pros: Tsvetomir Ganchev

Tsvetomir on the right

If seasons were painters, autumn would qualify as the most flamboyant one. Just have a peek through your window – it’s very likely that your garden is now engulfed in transient red, orange, and brown colours, bringing a certain sense of cosiness and a pinch of nostalgia to the whole scene. So, we could not think of a better time to introduce you to Tsvetomir Ganchev – a Fantastic partner whose landscaping skills can easily rival those of the best painters in the field. He’s been working with us for over four years, while UK’s been his home for around six. Today, Tsvetomir runs a team of five people who do various gardening jobs, including this area’s jewel in the crown – landscaping. (more…)

On-Demand Laundry Services With MONEY OFF Too?

Fantastic Services in Partnership with Laundrapp

Get your cleaning, gardening, and home repairs from Fantastic Services, and there’s only one thing left to do:

Your laundry.

But now there’s a handy way to get that taken care of too! Top-rated startup firm Laundrapp is the Uber of home laundry services. One app is all you need!

You get on-demand door-back-to-door service. That’s your laundry picked up, taken away, cleaned, and brought back ready to wear!


And being Fantastic Services, we’ve found a way to GET MONEY OFF your first order for you. (more…)

Diving With Sharks – Or Into Business?

Rune Sovndahl in Director Magazine

Are you an adventurer or an entrepreneur? Fantastic Services’ CEO Rune Sovndahl thinks that being one will make you better at the other. But why?

Director Magazine – the online and offline business expertise portal, is currently running a series of articles on “How Adventure Makes You A Better Leader”.

So they were only too happy to chat with Rune about why he thinks being adventurous in your private life sets you up for success in your business life. (more…)

Meet the Pros: Simeon

“Success does not lie in copying others, but in finding your inner strength to become something more.”

We always had the pleasure of working beside some truly fantastic specialists, so we thought it’s about time we introduce you to the diligent experts who make our services possible. Let’s meet the first pro, Simeon Sabev – a full-time tree surgeon and an outstanding team leader. (more…)

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