​A Fantastic Road Safety Campaign – 4000 High-Visibility Vests Donated So Far!

fantastic serices road safety jackets campaign

Fantastic Services is always looking for a way to give something back to the community. And with so many parents in the company, we’re all too aware of how much budgetary pressure UK schools are under these days.

So when company co-founder and director Anton Skarlatov found himself sitting in gridlocked London traffic watching schoolchildren trying to get across, he quickly started seeing if the company could do anything to make the situation safer.

And now the road safety campaign he began with Fantastic Services just keeps on growing.


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We here at Fantastic Services would like to thank all of our customers who entrust us with their homes and gardens. It is because of you that we can continue to provide the high-quality service we are known for.

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7 Sneaky Ways the Flu Can Catch You Off-guard


The flu season is mercilessly approaching, and you are likely already making preparations for its arrival. You travel on foot whenever you can to avoid the cramped public transportation, steer clear from your perpetually-sneezing colleagues, and have made an appointment with your GP for your annual flu shot. Yes, it seems like you’re already one step ahead of the pesky virus.

Unfortunately, the reality is that you may not be as protected as you may think. There are other sneaky ways in which the flu can get to you, and most of them are associated with habits, places, or objects that often come into play in our lighting-fast urban lifestyles. If you’re hoping to escape the flu’s wrath, take a seat and learn what you may be doing wrong this winter season. (more…)