Travel + Epic = Trepic? #FantasticWorldTour!

travel fantastic with brett and solene featured

What is a “Trepic” when it’s at home? For Brett Nottle and Solène Abauzit, it used to be the title of the document on which they planned their around the world travel dream.

Now it’s a fully realised journey plan featuring seven continents, one sturdy custom 4×4 and two intrepid adventurers who are being sponsored to take on the Antarctic and Siberian winter amongst other sights and challenges. It’s sure to be a fantastic trip.

Which means it only makes sense for them to have a certain sponsor.


How to Improve Soil Water Retention

improve soil water retention

So, you are absolutely sure that you are watering your plants correctly. The right amount at the right intervals. Yet, they are still showing signs of malnutrition. What is going on here? Well, the problem might be hidden in the soil itself. And no, it’s not the lack of nutrients. It is the lack of microscopic water-retaining pores. You see, it’s not about whether you are watering correctly or not.

Planning Permission for Decking – What You Need to Know


Looking to enhance your garden hardscape by installing a new decking and not sure about planning permission rules?
We totally don’t blame you for wanting to revamp your recreational green area! A relatively new landscape design concept in the UK, a decking adds to the aesthetic look of your garden space by creating a welcoming feel and modern appeal. Also, without a doubt, it offers functionality in terms of extending your living space outdoors.

Meet the Pros: Katya

Katya meet the pros cleaner

Welcome to Meet the Pros series, where we introduce you to our franchise partners and people of the trade. It’s been a while since we talked about our cleaning sector, so we are getting right on with it. Meet Katya, who’s been with us for over six years and has a story to tell you as to why, a cleaning franchise is the right choice.


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