Federation of Master Cleaners – Fantastic Gain Membership!


Fantastic Services was created to solve a problem: to be a cleaning company that people could call when they needed to be absolutely sure they’d get a certain high standard of workmanship. In short, our mission was to be a home cleaning service you could trust. So getting any sort of official recognition that we’ve accomplished this mission is always a fantastic thing.

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that Fantastic Services is now a member of the Federation of Master Cleaners! The Federation only allows the very best in the industry to wear its winged badge.

Here’s why.


А Fantastic New Service: Affordable Skip Hire!


Source: Deposit Photos / Author: portosabbia

At Fantastic Services, we’re always listening to find out how else we can make your life simpler. Usually, this means altering the way we deliver our home services to better suit your needs. But sometimes, it means adding a whole new service to our repertoire:

Are you one of the many clients who has asked us whether we can provide affordable skip hire?

If you are, good news! Because this time, that’s exactly what we added.


How to Create a Stunning Low Maintenance Garden

low maintenance garden

Shutterstock / By Agatha Koroglu

Have you always wanted a garden, but were discouraged by the lack of time or by the Herculean efforts that often go into creating one?

Or maybe you’ve rented a property with a garden, are tasked with looking after one, or are completely new to the world of gardening?

If anything above sounds familiar, the low maintenance garden is just what you need! Here, a big emphasis is placed on hardscaping features, perennial plants, and other laid-back elements that don’t require your constant attention to create a garden that practically takes care of itself.

Since you’re probably already itching to create your own version of this maintenance-free paradise, let’s examine what goes into making it a reality, starting from the very beginning. (more…)

Get a Fantastic £20 OFF for you – PLUS £20 OFF for a friend!

referral programme fantastic

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Most referral schemes give you or a friend money off. The Fantastic referral scheme gives you AND your friend money off!


For a limited time – February 15th to March 15th 2018 – simply refer a friend to Fantastic Services.

Your friend gets £20 OFF their first service.

You get £20 credit added to your account every time you successfully refer a friend.

So the more friends you bring on board, the more you save! You can find out more about our 20/20 referral programme here. (more…)