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Creative Small Space Storage Solutions

Let’s face it – people have a lot of stuff. Things we need to store away, things we want to display, things we use daily and those we use only once in a blue moon. Where do we find the room to put all of that stuff?

That may be more of a challenge for some than others. If your home doesn’t provide enough room and you’re looking for some creative tips on creating storage in small spaces, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to provide you with ways to maximise your storage space and keep your home neat, tidy and organised.

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So, if you:

  • Are lacking storage space in your home;
  • Are looking for some creative storage ideas for small spaces;
  • Want to know how to maximise storage in small rooms,

Then read on! This post is just for you!

Start by decluttering

One of the most important things and the first step you should take here is decluttering. Maximising storage in small spaces means getting rid of anything you find useless, anything broken that’s beyond repair, anything you don’t want to look at anymore. Basically, as Marie Kondo says, only keep things around if they bring you joy (and have a purpose).

Getting rid of any useless objects and being careful which ones and how many you put out has another purpose, too – it can make a small room look bigger, too! When you keep a space clear and don’t cram it full of decorative items, clothes, furniture, etc., it will create a feeling of openness, giving your room an airy feel and making it appear larger than it is. Isn’t that neat?

Not only will decluttering free up space for you to store and display only what you like, it can actually reduce your stress, too! The visual clutter generated by having a bunch of stuff everywhere can be overwhelming without you even realising it. Keep a clear space for a clear mind.

So, whether it’s your storage closet, your living room, or your bedroom, always start by decluttering and organising your possessions.

Organise your belongings

Now that you’ve decluttered your home, you’re left with all this stuff you need to put away or display. But what if you don’t have as much storage space as you need? What if the only apparent option is to throw everything into a drawer and then rummage around for ages whenever you need to find something?

Fret not! This means it’s time to get creative with your organisation and research some storage ideas for small spaces! Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • A trolley comes in handy.
    You can use a small trolley to organise various items, such as jewellery, makeup, arts and crafts materials, tools, and many others. Just roll it out of the way when it’s not in use!
  • Make use of door space.
    You can hang so many things from doors! It’s wasted space if you don’t, really. You can hang pegs on the back of a closet door to store jackets and scarves, among many other things. Don’t want to waste floor space with a laundry basket? Get a hanging clothes hamper and hang it on the bedroom or bathroom door, instead. Use an over-the-door shoe organiser in your closet to store cleaning supplies, or even shoes (imagine that)! Spice jars taking over your kitchen counters? Hang spice racks on your pantry door! The opportunities are endless.
  • Organise your drawers and cabinets.
    You can easily maximise storage in small spaces, such as cabinets and drawers, by using drawer organisers! That way, you won’t need to look through your stuff for ages before finding that one item you need, simply because everything will have its place. Do you keep your cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink? Is the whole cabinet a mess? Add sliding drawers and organisers to easily sort your products and find them whenever you need to.
  • Store clothing and linens the smart way.
    Maybe there’s more space in your wardrobe to hang clothes, rather than fold them and place them on shelves. If this is the case hang your jeans and vests on S-hooks. Looking for a place to store bed sheets? How about under the mattress? Neatly folded and out of sight!
  • Turn your bookshelves into drawers.
    To make the most out of your bookshelves or other open storage units and increase your small storage space, you can add pull-out boxes and convert them into drawers. That way, you can easily store anything that your actual drawers don’t have room for.
  • Hang shelves inside cabinets.
    Low on kitchen cabinet space? Want some simple storage ideas for small spaces? Put up some hanging shelves inside your cabinets! That way, you can double your storage space and keep your dinnerware neatly organised.
  • Hide and organise your jewellery.
    A neat way to organise and hide your jewellery without taking up drawer or shelf space is to put up a full-length mirror on your wall. Place the mirror on hinges and install hooks on its back or on the wall behind it. And there you go! A creative way to keep your jewellery out of sight and neatly organised.

Get creative with furniture

There are endless ways to increase storage for small spaces by using furniture. No matter if you use a chest that doubles as a coffee table or you get creative with the way you use some basic pieces, the result is always maximum storage space. So, let’s go over some tricks on creating storage in small spaces:

  • Use multi-functional furniture.
    Furniture that doubles as storage is a small home’s best friend. Coffee tables with storage space, beds with drawers underneath, storage stools, desks with drawers – anything that has extra storage space is perfect for you.
  • Create hidden storage in small spaces.
    You can hide small shelves or pull-out drawers behind your bed’s headboard. Need more kitchen space? Add a thin, pull-out cupboard next to the fridge – perfect for organising spices, cooking oils, etc. Place a sliding rack between your washer and dryer if you have space and store your laundry supplies there. Install drawers in the space underneath your floor kitchen cabinets. You can turn any tiny opening into additional storage space if you apply enough creativity.
  • Go higher.
    Floor-to-ceiling shelving and bookcases not only increase small space storage, but they can also make a room look taller! This is perfect for you if you wish your ceilings were a bit higher than they are.
  • Break all the rules.
    Who says a bookcase is only meant for storing books? Grab a narrow one, put it on its side, add some cushions on top and turn it into a unique bench! How does this increase storage space, exactly, you might ask? Well, you can add storage baskets in the empty spaces below. And voila! A DIY bench that doubles as storage space!

Use every nook and cranny

When trying to increase storage in small spaces, don’t just think about the basics – bookcases, drawers, and all that. Think about how you can use every single space in your home and turn it into a creative storage solution. Here are our recommendations:

  • The cupboard under the stairs.
    If we’ve learned anything about storage from Harry Potter, then we know that the space under the stairs doesn’t have to go to waste. You can turn it into so many things – a cupboard to store household supplies, a small working station with a desk, a reading nook, or you can just add built-in shelves! Or, of course, you can always turn it into a bedroom.
  • Built-in shelving.
    Speaking of built-in shelves, there are so many places you can install them. Above and around your doors, into false walls in your bathroom (such as ones used to conceal pipework), basically, anywhere you can fit a recessed shelf. They take up no space inside the actual room and they are a fantastic small space storage solution!
  • Shelves in unusual places.
    Have you ever thought about installing a shelf above your radiator? What about around your toilet tank? Use any space that you can, including the ones you probably haven’t considered before.
  • Storage for small bathrooms.
    Use the space underneath your bathroom sink and add a cabinet to store cleaning and bathroom supplies. The same goes for the space above your toilet, where you can build cabinets or shelves with the same purpose.
  • Make the most of alcoves.
    As with the space under the stairs, there are so many things an alcove can become! A reading nook, a home office, or simply a place to add another bookcase without it sticking out from the wall. Just let your imagination run wild.
  • Clever storage ideas for small kitchens.
    There is no need for the empty space under the wall units in your kitchen to remain empty. Add hooks, baskets, hanging rails, spice racks, etc. underneath them – maximising storage in small kitchen spaces is as easy as pie!
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Does all this seem like too much work?

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  • Always start by decluttering.
  • Find smart ways to organise your belongings, such as adding drawer organisers, using trolleys, etc.
  • Multi-functional furniture is a great small space storage solution.
  • Create hidden storage in every nook and cranny.
  • Make the most of spaces such as alcoves and under the stairs.
  • Built-in shelves can add more storage space without taking up room.
  • Add storage in unusual places.


Did you find this post useful? Do you have any creative storage ideas for small spaces? Share them with us in the comments below!

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