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The Huracan Foundation scores again!

Shared passion. Global goals. The Huracan Foundation is a charity which gives children in poor communities in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, India and elsewhere around the world a better education through the beautiful game.

The charity sees football-based projects as a great opportunity for kids who come from the poorest parts of their local areas. Their work improves the kids’ attendance at school, gets them to help out with community projects identified and operated by local people, and generally avoid crime, drugs and other big problems unique to each area.

All in all, it’s a brilliant charity – noticed by FIFA as well as Sky and the BBC – which Fantastic Services has been supporting for the past two years.

The Huracan Foundation is a football charity whose work goes far beyond the pitch.

They first began as Huracan FC London – a just-for-fun Sunday league football team named after Club Atlético Hurácan, the well-known professional Argentinean side.

The London team started drawing international attention after they were found by fans of the “real” Atlético Hurácan on Facebook and even more so when the Argentinean team’s manager wore one of their shirts on national TV.

The Huracan Foundation – football charity

The support they provide to global communities includes:

  • Identifying local projects – working with local leaders and teachers to identify and plan local projects.
  • Funding – money makes the world (and footballs) go round, so the Huracan Foundation then provides financial support.
  • Mentorship and development – project leaders working with the foundation can get help through mentoring and training.
  • A platform to share their story – for many of the communities the charity works with, the opportunity to spread the word of the challenges they face on a daily basis is priceless.

Now they’ve reached the global stage, the Huracan Foundation is in a position to publicise their stories.

What can you give? Fantastic Services – Kick-Off Weekend

Fantastic Services donated to the Huracan Foundation a little while ago when 14 of the team’s players cycled from London to Marseille on fold-up bikes for a fundraiser.

This time, Fantastic sponsored them with a donation so they could get all of their main Project Managers (the main teachers at each location for 2018-19) together with the founder, programme director and mentors in Bogota for their first Kick-Off Weekend. This was the first time the managers had met in person and gave them the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the best strategies, share stories and connect with each other so they can provide each other with support;
  • Have three days of workshops and football coaching to support their experience and training from the Teach For All network;
  • Get additional training in the Hurucan Foundation’s mentors in project management, curriculum, project sustainability, impact measurement and digital marketing (this last was ably provided by Fantastic Services’ expert Dani);
  • Personally visit the amazing Tiempo de Juego organisation in the struggling district of Cazuca, meeting not only the team there but the keen youngsters and their families who form the organisation’s community;
  • Go home with a whole bunch of equipment and sports kit which they sorely needed;

Support the Huracan Foundation

The end goal of all of the Huracan Foundation’s projects is for them to become self-sustaining. They also hope to eventually bring football home (or at least their football charity work home!) by supporting communities in the UK.

You can find them on the Huracan Foundation Facebook page.

They’re a very worthy cause and even a very small amount of money makes a huge difference. One of their projects can run for two years on as little as £3000, so even £10 goes a long way!

Check the gallery below for more shots from the event!

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