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Fantastic Services – a nature-friendly brand

We love nature and we are doing the best we can

Helping the environment is a concern of more and more organisations, individuals and companies. We are no exception. We make every effort to raise awareness that by adopting green values, sustainable lifestyle and nature-friendly business practices, each and every one of us can do their bit to help the planet and future generations. 

The efforts we have made to be a little bit greener

For instance, the Fantastic XRM (our custom-built automation system) assigns daily jobs to the nearest available technician, in order to decrease their travel time and thus, lower the overall carbon dioxide input in the atmosphere. This saves the professionals time and unnecessary consumption of fuel. On that note, for the 2018-2019 period, the system effectively saved about 30 000 miles of travel distance, which is more than a trip around the world.

In addition, by promoting the use of different-sized removals vehicles for our relocation services, we make sure that the moving process is greener by reducing, again, carbon emissions through optimised consumption of fuel, in terms of the number of vans used for each job.

Our motivated efforts to help Nature also translate in employing the use of energy-efficient professional equipment and tools, as well as in training our partners and their teams to adopt eco-friendly service provision practices.

Last but not least, our clean advertising campaigns and sustainable marketing approach also amplify our voice for greener business management and growth.

Our eco-conscious services

Fantastic Services has carefully developed a range of nature-friendly cleaning services, which involve a minimum or no use of chemicals. For instance, our exterior window cleaning services are performed by employing purified water without any detergents and our jet washing solutions are executed with cold water only and no other cleaning products.

Another example is the effective and eco-friendly hot water extraction cleaning method, we employ with our deep carpet and rug, upholstery and mattress cleaning services. Furthermore, we offer our customers the option to have their property cleaned with bio-cleaning detergents, as well. The company also complies with all relevant regulations and legislation when it comes to our waste removal solutions.

Proactive contribution to the environment

Making an impact doesn’t need to involve huge effort or cost. After all, every little bit helps. Over the years, we took every opportunity to make a difference by taking part in local environmental causes or by initiating our own contributing green events. From teaming up with non-profit organisations like Thames21 and helping with their volunteer efforts to keep rivers clean to instigating our own campaigns, such as the Fantastic Refresh Campaign and our engagement in the global “plogging” movement this year, Fantastic Services always finds a way to act green.

Nature-friendly Friday

It is high time we join the conversation. Therefore, we are launching our Nature-friendly Friday on Facebook. We have an audience of about 25 thousand people and we will dedicate our Fridays to promote informative content on topics such as climate change, sustainability, and nature. Maybe even a few Greta Thunberg memes.

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