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Cost of Living in Birmingham

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Still, haven’t decided whether you should move to Birmingham yet? There are many pros to relocating here, but the one thing that is a deal-breaker for most people is the price tag that comes with everything. So, what is the cost of living in Birmingham and can you deal with it? What is the average wage in Birmingham?

Job opportunities and the average salary in Birmingham

If you are planning to live in Birmingham, you will most likely work there as well. Finding a job won’t be too much of a problem, especially if you are working in manufacturing or if you are an engineer. However, Birmingham has a lot more to offer, and you will surely find employment.

The average salary in Birmingham is £36,000.

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Is Birmingham expensive to rent?

The rent price depends on the type of property and its location. We will share with you some average prices, upon which you can make rough calculations of your budget.

Average rental prices in Birmingham:

  • apartments in Birmingham – £800 – £850
  • houses in Birmingham – £1000 – £1100

One of the determining price factors for properties of different sizes is the number of bedrooms.

Here are the average rents regarding the number of bedrooms:

  • One – £650
  • Two – £920
  • Three – £900
  • Four – £1050
  • Five – £1400

Source: Home

*You can see that your best bet would be sharing a three-bedroom property with close friends if you are living alone.

When it is time for you to settle for goods, you can browse the property market.

House prices in Birmingham

Houses can be rather expensive in some places, usually family-friendly areas with lots of parks and good schools. That is somewhat expected. However, when you draw the line, the prices are still lower than those in London.

The average house price in Birmingham is estimated at around £200,000.
The average price for a terraced house in Birmingham is £160,000.

Source: Zoopla

Those estimates point towards a slight decrease in value (around 3% compared to prices from last year), which makes it a perfect time for purchase.

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Cost of utility bills in Birmingham

Utility bills will largely depend on the size of the property and/or the size of your family. Pay attention to the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if you are renting. You can expect higher energy bills if the EPC value is low. Use this in your favour when negotiating your rent.

When you are buying a property, such readings will help you decide whether or not to invest in insulation materials, better appliances and so on.

If you are living on your own in a small apartment, the utility bills will cost you around £90. If you live with a friend or partner in a slightly bigger apartment, roughly 80 m2, the utility bills will be between £160 – £180. This includes energy, heating/cooling, water and your council tax. How much are the water rates in Birmingham? Water UK estimates that combined water and sewage costs will be £408 per year by 2021/22.

Internet will set you back at approximately £30/month for a standard cable/ADSL connection, depending on the provider. You can always try and search for a reliable Wi-Fi connection around you to cut some expenses before signing a contract with a broadband provider.

Considering a move to Birmingham? Learn more about how we can help you enjoy a trouble-free move!


  • Living in the city centre will not only increase your expenses, but it is also more dangerous.
  • When choosing a property to buy or rent, consider transportation expenses. See if you can travel by boat and whether it is faster for you.
  • There are a lot of public Wi-Fi networks, so you may cut broadband from your list of expenses.
  • Birmingham is a great city to purchase a property in, so you may want to get ahead by buying one in a more family-friendly area right from the beginning.


Do you have anything to share? Any trick on how to save some money in Birmingham will be most welcome in the comment section below. Thank you!

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