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Why Consider Moving to Manchester

There are many things you need to keep in mind when moving to a different place, especially if this is your first time migrating from your home town. Manchester is one of the major cities in the UK with a population of 2,798,800 and it consists of ten metropolitan boroughs.

It’s mostly popular for the cultural diversity and friendly people and it also has one of the largest student populations in the country because of the 4 universities that it hosts: University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Salford and the University of Bolton.

So if you are someone who:

  • Is “on the fence” about moving to Manchester;
  • Is wondering how is life in Manchester;
  • Is soon to become a student in the city.

We are here to give you a short guide about relocating to Manchester along with some useful things you need to know before going there.

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Is Manchester a Good Place to Live?

No matter if you are a student who is interested in the cultural life of the city and learning opportunities, or someone looking for a job to provide for his family, Manchester has it all. It’s like a laid back, slower-paced, family-friendly version of London.

  • There are plenty of job opportunities as it’s still quite a large metropolitan area and even if the salaries aren’t as big as the ones in the capital, the cost of living is quite lower, as well. You can read more about this right here .
  • Because of all the students there, coming from all sorts of cities and countries around the world, the amount of cultural events and locations is astounding. Places like the Whitworth Art Gallery, unique musical venues and amazing local landmarks like The Deaf Institute or Band On The Wall, are sure to leave you breathless and yearning for more.
  • The organized public transport that consists of trams and buses is easy to learn and use so that you don’t have any problem getting from point A to point B.
  • Needless to say, it’s a great place for football fans, unless you are fond of Liverpool, the city or the team. If this is the case, we recommend that you never step a foot in Manchester, even if you are wearing a special disguise. They can smell fear.

All jokes aside, despite the grumpy weather, Manchester folks are known to be quite friendly and open-minded people who will never turn their back on someone in need. The younger generations there don’t even pay that much attention to the old Manchester-Liverpool beef, so in conversations with them, you’ll be safe.

What you Need to Know Before Moving to Manchester

Here are some fun facts that you need to be aware of before you move to Manchester:

  1. Sometimes in the winter, there is actual snow, so you need to properly plan your wardrobe for the cold months.
  2. If someone asks you if you are Red or Blue, they are asking if you are a fan of Manchester United or Manchester City.
  3. Trams are one of the most used methods of transport, so it’s best to find a map or a schedule of the different lines before arriving in Manchester. You cannot purchase tickets from the trams but you can do it from the special ticket machines located around the city.
  4. There is a not-so-very-secret cult about the longest airing soap opera called “Coronation Street”. Even if you haven’t heard about it, you will when you arrive. We advise you not to share negative feedback about the series. Some of the older generations are quite touchy on the matter.

Things you Realise Once You Move to Manchester

  1. Oh, god, it rains so much! Oh, yes it does. Get a good, strong umbrella, give it a cute name and get used to it because you will need it around 200 times a year, roughly.
  2. Always thank the bus drivers. There isn’t really any explanation about this, as bus drivers are usually quite mad and busy manoeuvring around the streets and thinking about the constant struggle of competing with other companies. Still, it’s a custom and you will be quickly noticed if you don’t thank them.
  3. Mancunians are polite by British standards. You will probably not receive the same warm welcome you had when you went on a vacation in Spain 5 years ago. Still, compared to other British cities, the people in Manchester are considered to be quite, well, human. You don’t have to avoid looking people in the eye while travelling in public transport and you can often engage in a random conversation while waiting in line for the bus.
  4. You are rarely lonely. You can easily find like-minded people, no matter how strange you think you are. It’s a city of innovators, artists and creative folks that are always engaged in exciting and enriching activities.
  5. You’re stuck here forever. That’s it. You can no longer live without the energy, people and even rainy days of Manchester. Before you notice it will become the place you will always return to no matter where you go.

Living in Manchester: general pros and cons


  • Comfortable transport options;
  • Highly recommended universities;
  • Culturally diverse;
  • A slower, calmer pace of life.


  • Lack of public parks;
  • Almost constant rainy weather;
  • Lower salaries;
  • Chances for grumpy looks if you speak in a “posh” midland dialect.


Have any personal experiences, living in Manchester? Please, share them in the comments below. Blue or Red?

Image source: depositphotos / sakhanphotography

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